“Poverty is not simply measured by inadequate income. It is manifested in restricted access to health, education and other essential services” UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

Today is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, something at Camps we spend every day working towards. We firmly believe that to overcome poverty, communities need to be given the help to create and implement solutions to the issues they are facing.

This week we are focusing on the project work we are currently undertaking in Kenya and some of our biggest achievements to date have been helping rural communities to, step by step, little by little, overcome the poverty they are facing.


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In Kenya at the moment we are:

  • improving the facilities in Itinyi, Muhaka and Sasenyi primary schools
  • running a feeding programme for 720 children at Sasenyi Primary School to ensure every child gets one hot meal a day
  • offering a sports development programme for the children at Sasenyi
  • delivering healthcare outreach and hospital volunteering trips to help support the local teams who deliver health and medical care every day in very challenging circumstances
  • offering ongoing support to the women’s groups in Maungu so they can develop new skills, generate income and support their families and community
  • continuing the conservation work of the Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary including installing elephant deterrent fences to protect the elephants from getting into conflict with the local people and planting native trees to help combat deforestation
  • getting involved in marine conservation on the southern coast of Kenya, cleaning the beaches and teaching the children sustainable ways to fish, how to upcycle and how important it is to protect their coastline and marine life

Every project we run is in partnership with local community leaders. We believe in working together to help them to find real, workable, sustainable solutions to the challenges their communities are facing.

Whether that is to provide better facilities at the school to enable more children to attend schools, or ensuring every child gets a hot meal every day so they are safer, healthier and not malnourished, engaging children in the universal language of sport so they can enjoy their childhoods that little bit more, showing the local nurses and doctors new or alternative techniques to deliver healthcare to their communities or supporting the set up and running of micro finance initiatives to enable them to generate more income and work their way out of poverty.


We commit to working in these communities on a long term basis. Bringing hundreds of volunteers every year into these communities to show their support and help deliver real change.

In 2017 we will have been working in Kenya for 15 years and helped to change thousands of lives for the better, forever.


To enable us to do even more, why not get involved and join one of our life-changing trips?

A trip with impact will not only change the lives of the people you are supporting, but potentially yours too.

You’ll be immersed into these local communities, living alongside the people you are helping and getting to experience all the culture and beauty that countries such as Kenya have to offer.

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