Happy Friday all! This weeks fundraising Friday star is the wonderful Ryan! He is doing so well and has lots of inspirational ideas to share with you all, have a read folks! Prepare to be VERY impressed…

Hi, my name is Ryan and I am fundraising for my trip to Tanzania in July 2017. I will be travelling with pupils from school.

When I first heard about the expedition I felt excited and eager to start my journey. I can’t wait to work as a team to help make a difference to lives of others. I feel very privileged in my life, but know that this isn’t the case for everyone. I want to become involved in life enhancing projects for others. Raising nearly £4000 is a daunting thought but now that I am underway, it’s not as difficult as I thought and I have had fun along the way!

To raise my first amount I did jobs for family and friends and sold clothes, toys and items that I no longer needed or had outgrown. I raised £300. Now I was out of the starting block.

Family and friends have donated to my coin collection and this is then bagged and banked. It’s amazing how quickly those loose coins add up.

During the summer I hosted a fundraiser BBQ with my mum. My mum always hosts a summer event for charity or a specific fundraiser. This year she chose my Tanzania trip. I worked hard to be the butler, waiter and children’s entertainer. It was a lovely evening and nice to see family and friends support it. I raised a fantastic £270 in donations.unknown-4At my local music centre, where I have drumming and percussion lessons, I ran a guess the teacher from the baby photograph competition. It was so much fun and the teachers were great sports for providing the pictures. Some of them made us really laugh. This raised another £50.

I have also been doing a Tesco bag pack with 3 other fundraisers: Lucy, Billy and Dan. We raised £240 each in one bag pack. It was a long day, packing bags from 10am until 6pm but it was definitely worth it.We each drafted in volunteers to cover additional tills. A huge thank you to those who gave up some of their Saturday to help. We wouldn’t have raised as much without them.unknown-5

Then we hosted an amazing restaurant takeover. We raised £1200 between the 4 of us. 142 people bought tickets and received a fantastic hot Italian buffet meal, singer / compere entertainment, and games. It was a fantastic night, with lots of fun and laughter. With the help of generous, supportive and hardworking restaurant owners: Mr and Mrs Matin and their staff, it wasn’t too difficult to organise. All the prizes were donations and we had plenty of them.
We are now going to plan our next restaurant event.


I have also established an easyfundraising account. This is a site where people can access online shopping and the companies make donations from the internet shop. I have raised £160 from this so far and have 20 supporters. It’s so easy to set up and doesn’t cost your supporters a penny. With Christmas on the horizon and plenty of christmas shopping to be done online, I am confident that my easyfundraising donations will continue to grow.


Next I am planning to sacrifice all birthday and Christmas presents in exchange for donations for my fundraising project. I know that it will seem strange to not have all my presents to open on Christmas Day but my trip to Tanzania is my trip of a lifetime and worth the exchange.

With my three other expedition fundraisers: Lucy, Billy and Dan, we are planning a sponsored climb of Snowdonia and I am going to enter the Manchester 10K run. Now I just need to start training!

We are hoping to bring our fundraising journey to a close with a ‘safari supper’ fundraiser. The idea of this is to set the scene for our July expedition: African food, music, dancing and entertainment. I am looking forward to this event because it will mean that my adventure is just around the corner. I can’t wait.

I am now over half way with my fundraising and feel confident that I will reach my target of raising 100% of the total. It’s amazing what you can achieve with a little imagination, support and a lot of hard work.

This is my fundraising journey in preparation for Tanzania 2K17. Roll on July!unknown-3

Thanks Ryan!

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