Every trip we offer through Camps International has creating impact at the heart of the experience. This impact is on you as the traveller, giving you a real and authentic insight into the communities most in need in rural areas of Cambodia.

You’ll stay within our camps, located within the communities you’ll be supporting through life-changing project work.

You’ll meet some truly amazing people. They have very little, but their warmth, compassion and desire to get to know every volunteer we bring to their communities is truly heart-warming. You’ll be greeted by very excited children, full of smiles and boundless energy – eager to extend their hand in friendship.

These people need our support to help improve the quality of living within their villages. The impact our projects has on these small communities is truly life-changing.

The projects you could be working on, depending on when you travel with us include:

  • working on our classroom building or library and communal area extension projects in Beng Mealea,
  • helping to combat deforestation through seed collection, germination and nurturing trees,
  • building new houses in Beng Pae for families who live in cramped, unsafe and leaky shacks along with building toilets for these families to use where they currently have none,
  • repairing and reinforcing a dam to contain water in a lake which has dried up due to damage from a previous flood. This little lake provides a vital water supply for a small village along with natural food sources such as fish, frogs, crabs and eels.


As part of your experience, it’s incredibly hard to not be affected by the conditions and limitations faced by families. Some don’t have access to clean water, a regular source of food, safe and suitable housing, toilets or educational facilities to enable every child to access a good education.

It’s also amazing to see how much impact one person, joining our other volunteers and staff can have on the futures of these communities.

You’ll also visit one of the world’s most stunning sights in the Temples of Angkor Wat. Described as the ‘Hindu heaven on earth’ with over 1000 temples, shrines and tombs within a park covering 154 square miles. It truly is a bucket list must see location. Take the opportunity to soak up Cambodia’s rich culture and discover the unravelling history of this amazing country.


You’ll come home with a mind full of memories and a heart full of warmth for a community that have made you feel part of their extended family.

No matter when you travel, or how long you travel with us for, your trip will have a lasting impact. You’ll be able to share inspiring stories to family and friends, it will give you experiences to call upon in job interviews or applications, and will open your eyes to an amazing culture.

You can book your Cambodian adventure with just a 10% deposit, with departures throughout the year.

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