This weeks fundraising Friday star is John! Here he is with some helpful hints and tips and what he has learnt on his fundraising journey so far. Take a look and be inspired, wahooooooo! Go John!


My name is John and I am planning to go on the Cambodia trekking trip in 2017.

When I first became aware of this opportunity I wanted to go on it straight away but was aware that it was a lot of money.

I discussed it with my parents and they were really supportive.  As soon as we had agreed that it was something I was going to do, I set to work in finding ways that I could raise the money.  I have worked really hard on it this year and as I have raised my target in 7 months and I am now working on getting money for my kit I need out in Cambodia and my immunisations and malaria meds.

This is my experience and advice for anyone who is wishing to go…….

Firstly – think about what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. Also, think who your target market is going to be.  I enjoy outdoor activities and was aware that most of the money was going to have to come from complete strangers!

Secondly – find out how you can engage with people. For me, this was by designing a website. The website is really easy to update now and I do keep it up to date as I feel it is very important for people who have donated and who are supporting me; they can view the website for updates. The website was free to set up and can be viewed on john2cambodia.weebly.comjohn2cambodia-website

I also set up a Twitter page and a Facebook page with linked updates.

I did this within a week of registering but this had not earned me any income. My Dad suggested buying a spare T shirt and Hoodie (whilst we were waiting for the official one to come through) and asking local businesses for sponsorship in return for displaying their logo.  So, I spent money before I had earned any but also found a great local printers who offered to do any logos at cost price! I found local businesses were supportive but national businesses were less keen to sponsor. I stayed with my strategy of getting local sponsors on my T shirt and hoodie as these would be seen at local events.  I have got 17 sponsors and this has earned me £1,200. The sponsors were keen to sponsor me because I met with the majority of them, they got to know me, they could see my enthusiasm and commitment, they could see my website and they knew I was going to wear the T shirt and hoodie at any events and whilst over in Cambodia.  I have since received my official T-shirt so have had the logos put on there too.


Thirdly – start to engage with people.  I designed and printed leaflets that I pushed through local letter boxes and explained who I was, what I was planning to do and asked for support in 3 ways, donations of items that I could sell at car boot sales, donations of spare cuddly toys that could be used as prizes and if they wanted any work doing (car washing, gardens, pet sitting etc).  I also shared the link to my website –  I have been overwhelmed by the response.  Car boot sales have earned £600 and the cuddly toys have helped as prizes at local stalls whilst I have earned £230 so far doing jobs for people (£78 was from posting 1000 yellow pages whilst wearing my T-shirt and hoodie!).

I also contacted the local free magazine and they offered a donation to me in return for me writing a monthly article, (these articles can be seen on the media page of my website).


Fourth – run stalls at local events, find something you are good at and exploit it. This is where I struggled for ideas but eventually I came up with designing my own interactive game (rolling cars along a board and trying to get them in a car parking space) and selling punch balloons.  The donated cuddly toys were used as prizes and the stalls raised £900 over the summer.


Fifth – Contact friends and family, let them know what you are doing. This, along with gaining sponsorship for me running a 10k race raised £758!


After my GCSEs I started work as a pot washer at a local pub. During the school holidays, I did a Lifeguard Qualification and have recently been successful getting a job as a Casual Lifeguard /Recreation Assistant at a local leisure centre.

Next year I have entered a half marathon and am thinking of raising funds for a local charity but haven’t decided which one yet.

I am excited knowing that I can go out to Cambodia and make a real difference out there and that this experience will have a huge effect on me.

Feel free to contact me to ask any questions on or through the contact me page of my website

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Meg 😀