If you’re thinking of taking a gap year (after school/college, before you go to uni, or even as a career break) there are plenty of opportunities to have the time of your life.

If you think you can’t afford it, think again. We’ve put together our top tips to get you saving for your volunteering adventure, turning your dream volunteering trip into a reality.

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Setting a budget

To start, you’ll need a rough idea of your budget so you know how much money you’ll need to raise. This can depend on where you’re going and how long for, but with deposits on programmes at as little a 10%, this can be the ideal first step to getting a fixed cost ticked off your list.

You can also access flexible payment options which help you budget your programme costs; get in touch to find out more.

Don’t forget about extras like insurance, vaccinations and medication, these can be a necessity but planning for them in advance will save you a headache later in your preparations.


Once you’ve secured your place it’s time to start thinking about how you can raise the funds to get you there. Lots of people fund their volunteering trip with a part time job or by fundraising.

Each Camps programme is a life-changing opportunity, not just for you but also the rural communities you’ll be helping during your programme. Most people will put their hand in their pocket for worthy causes, so get imaginative with fundraising ideas and let people know it’s helping you change lives…

…You might be working on conservation initiatives that preserves wildlife in Kenya. You might be building community housing that makes the most vulnerable members of a Tanzanian community a priority. You might be promoting sustainable initiatives for farming in Cambodia.

As your volunteering trip is about helping others, why not bring that ethos home and make money by helping your community: wash cars, walk dogs and mow lawns to get funds in the bank.


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Once you’ve earnt it, the next challenge is to refrain from spending. Saving becomes a lot easier if you equate each purchase to your volunteering gap year. Put any tips or cash you’ve earned into a bank account to ease temptation and adopt the ‘if I don’t buy this, I can do this in Africa/Asia/South America’ mentality.

Now you’ve harnessed the best tips for saving for your volunteering gap trip, make 2017 the year you achieve your dreams and make a real difference.


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