This weeks fundraising Friday star is Amber! Here she is to share her journey with you, including some helpful hints and tips and what she has learnt on her fundraising journey so far. Take a look and be inspired, well done Amber! 

So far on my fundraising journey, I am so proud of myself for the amount of money I have raised and what I have achieved. It has been quite stressful however it is totally worth it for the amazing experience I will get to have later in July. Including my recent savings I only have around £600 left to pay off and this is how I got to where I am now.

To begin I simply started by doing smaller cake sales and guess the name of the bear at events around school which got me around £100 however, I didn’t find this to be the most successful way to get money. Of course having my part-time job I was also able to save around £100-£120 each month which was a massive help and also relieved some pressure of paying off my instalments. My family have also been a massive help with supporting me such as my sister allowing me to clean her house for her in order to gain £20 from that each time. Due to being left money after my Nan unfortunately passed on, I was also able to use some of that to pay off a few instalments which was a huge help.

After doing smaller fundraising events and saving up from my job, I then decided that I needed to start planning something bigger to really give me a boost. I spoke to one of my relatives who I knew had previously organised charity events and asked if he was up to helping me plan a charity ball in order to raise money for me to travel to Peru, along the way helping other causes such as Meningitis UK. I thought of planning a charity ball that also included other well-known charities and that gave people an opportunity to really dress up would attract more people and it turned out this tactic really paid off.Unknown-2

I was able to hire a room for relatively cheap and luckily I know a few amazing entertainers to sing throughout the night. Due to it being for a good cause, I managed to either get things for free or cheaper which really helped to gain more money. On the night I also organised  an auction for signed football tops, boxing gloves, champagne and wine etc which helped me to get over £500. I also did ticket sales for this event for £6 each and in the end we had around 200-250 guests attending, so we exceeded £1000 however, some of this money was used to pay for other items for the event. In the end we raised around £1,500 from this night after everything was paid off and we gave the charities £500 leaving me with an amazing £1000. This has helped me so much and is an achievement I can say I am super proud of.

Other things I have done to raise money was getting sponsors after writing and emailing various companies. I strongly recommend others’ fundraising attempt to get sponsors as so far I have managed to get two £100 sponsors from construction companies and a huge £500 sponsor which has allowed me to be in the position I am in today. My sister, being extremely kind, is also a great runner and has offered to run a half marathon for me this year in the hopes we get around £500.

So far I am doing so well with my fundraising and I strongly recommend anyone fundraising uses their resources such as family, other relatives and friends around them to help as I could not have done all of this without themUnknown-1

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Peace out!

Meg 😀