Now that everything has settled since Christmas – I wanted to remind you of what it is like to be on an expedition!! We have a few stories to share with you from our staff who visited our Camps before Christmas – check out Tanzania!!


Wow! That is how I would describe Tanzania in one word; Wow!  People talk about the culture and the experience, but until you have had the joy of experiencing it yourself, it is not possible to fully understand the impact it will have on you.

Tanzania is full of warm and welcoming people, from the staff that we employ, to the communities we work with and the people that travel with Camps International. From the moment you arrive, it really does steal a piece of your heart.

We spent the week visiting a variety of the different Camps that we have and sampling project work. We visited hospitals and met the local communities, but the thing that I will take away the most is the poverty. Not how bad it is, but how happy the people are with what they have. They may not have the comfortable bed or the big TV that we are used to, but just a solid wall and a roof that doesn’t leak and they are the most grateful people you will meet. They are always smiling and happy to meet you, they don’t feel sorry for themselves, it is what it is and they are happy with what they have. To be able to be part of the work that helps these communities is such a touching experience and stays with you forever.


On my week in Tanzania, I travelled with a brilliant group of teachers who put all their heart into the experience we had. From mixing cement in the midday heat and then plastering classrooms to stop them falling down, to carrying water on their heads and planting banana trees; everyone made such a huge impact. It wasn’t all work and no play, we were very lucky to see some amazing wildlife on our journeys and walked through a heard of zebra. We learnt Kiswahili (well, tried to) and played games that left us in tears of laughter. We watched shooting stars at night and amazing sunrises in the mornings over the most stunning beach you will ever see.

img_20161028_055057Although our journey was short, we have all made lifelong friendships from a shared experience and that is just part of what Camps International is about.

A few top tips – make sure you pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage in case your bag is delayed, take hand sanitiser and baby wipes, pack foxes sweets for the long journeys and sometimes, just put your camera away. Experience what is in front of you and embrace every moment to become a lifelong memory.