In the UK we are exceptionally lucky to have an army of exceptional heroes working in our NHS every day. The teams of doctors, nurses and support staff work incredibly hard and deliver care of the highest possible standard 24 hours a day, every day.

Last year we put a call out asking for these hospital heroes to join us and travel to Kenya for 2 weeks to work alongside the heroes working in very different and often difficult circumstances.

In November 2016 our first Hospital Outreach team flew out to support a very stretched and under-resourced team in Kenya.

This team of amazing medical professionals dedicated 2 weeks of their time to help inspire, support and encourage the amazing work being done across 3 medical facilities.


Our new programme was to follow on from our existing Healthcare Outreach programme which has shown how valuable a short visit can be to help care for patients who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access medical care and vitally share their knowledge and techniques with the medical teams working all year round in Kenya.

Our exceptional team on the Hospital Outreach programme worked in 3 facilities and supported the care of over 2000 people.

They supported medical teams and cared for patients in the casualty and emergency departments, in theatre, in maternity units, paediatric wards, in surgical and medical care wards, comprehensive care units, palliative care units, radiology and in a medical centre.

The donations of supplies that they took with them along with the knowledge, techniques, skills and recommendations will help to transform the care being given in these facilities for a long time to give.

Alongside all the truly amazing work they undertook, in every hospital they visited they were involved in successful life-saving resuscitation of babies in the maternity units. Precious lives saved by their quick intervention.

This year we are searching for even more hospital heroes to take on this truly life-changing trip in November 2017. Spending 2 weeks living in Kenya with our team and working alongside the medical staff.

Its not all hard work though, you’ll also get the chance to go on safari to catch glimpses of the ‘Big 5’, take a day out for some much needed rest and relaxation at the beach and visit a local orphanage.

Safari giraffe

As our camps are located within the heart of the communities you will be supporting, you’ll also get the chance to meet lots of inspiring people, gaining a real and authentic experience of this amazing country.

For more information on the trip or to book your place, please click here and we look forward to welcoming you into our Camps medical family.

Please share this with your colleagues, friends and family who have hospital experience, the more people who travel with us, the more lives we can change. Thank you