We’ve now been at this Camp Muhaka for two weeks, and despite the sadness we felt when leaving Tsavo Camp, this Camp has made us feel like our home and has opened many more opportunities for our Gap Year expedition.


The camp is a 30-minute drive from the beach, which has been perfect and good spot for R&R days. Whilst in Muhaka we’ve experienced the Kenyan night life at Forty Thieves, our favorite bar and restaurant located on the beach of the Indian Ocean – this is where we treated ourselves after a every week of hard work at Mama’s House project.

The project was of great importance as we helped creating a home for an old lady who was over 60yrs and was desperately in need of a shelter.


While in Muhaka Camp, we visited the local school called Muhaka Islamic Primary.  Whilst here, we helped teachers teaching English to the children, coloured and painted pictures to support their learning, as well as serving them porridge in the morning.



We also played games such as ‘Duck Goose’ and went on play volleyball with the older students in the school in the afternoon.



The children were so friendly and made the work we’ve been doing throughout our trip so far feel worthwhile.

Apart from playing games with the upper students, we also got the chance to play football against the children in the village surrounding the camp. We managed to beat the Kenyan team even if they were half our age!

The project work in Muhaka consisted of plastering walls and cementing the floor of a house for an elderly lady living in the local community.

Papa's Hse (1)

This work has allowed us to gain lots of experience but most important to understand that our hard work was going to change someone’s life;


We felt rewarded when we handed over the house to the owner.


It was also a nice break from the brick laying and administering livestock deworming we did back in Tsavo.

Another opportunity Camp Muhaka offered us was a day of cultural skills. On this day, we lived the typical life of a villager in Muhaka community; doing things such as


collecting water and firewood,


cooking a local meal with village women,


weaving part of a palm roof and tasting locally coconut juice!

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to three of the nine gappers currently out here in Africa, as well as Gladys and Titus some of the staff that we’ve stayed together for the past 2 weeks, whom we will miss equally as much.  It’s crazy how quickly time goes out here and it will be so sad saying goodbye to people we’ve all grown so close to.


However, we’re all so excited to meet the new people and see what the rest of our trip has to offer.

Kwaheri!!! (Goodbye!)


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