It’s sometimes easy to forget how much impact something as simple as a volunteering trip whilst at uni can have on your future.

Choosing, booking and experiencing an overseas volunteering trip has many benefits to you, not only now, but long into your future. Here’s a snapshot of some the top ones.

It shows you have initiative

The vast majority of students choose and hopefully complete their course. Some get a job whilst at uni. Some undertake placements. Very few find something more, new or exciting to undertake.

Showing initiative by stepping outside this usual pattern, finding an opportunity to volunteer abroad and make a real difference to another community tells a future employer a lot about you and your potential.


Demonstrate your skills in action

Throughout your education you learn and develop skills – however, until you put them into practice, they are theoretical skills. Nothing shows an employer how capable you are and that you can transfer your learning into action like volunteering.

It gives you chance to prove you have good communication skills, can work as part of a team, work well under pressure, learn new skills, step outside your comfort zone and engage with new communities.

Boost your sense of purpose and makes you feel amazing

Travelling to a rural community, living alongside them, learning about their culture and day to day life helps you to gain a greater understanding of our world.

During your trip, you could be involved in a few different projects depending on where and where you travel. These could include:

  • helping to build classrooms which in turn enable children to gain an education,
  • installing running water into communities without running water or sanitation,
  • helping to build medical centres to enable better access to medical care,
  • planting native trees to combat deforestation or
  • installing deterrent fences to protect wildlife and prevent further conflict with local farmers

No matter when you travel, or whether you are part of the beginning, middle or end of a project – we promise that every project we start, we finish without compromise.

peru expedition

Every project you are involved with is an opportunity to see how much impact one person, working in one team can have to change lives now and long into the future.

Knowing you have helped to transform someone’s life for the better, forever gives you a real sense of achievement and pride. It reaffirms your belief in humanity and shows how small acts can have huge impacts.

Get the chance to decide who you want to be

As a student and at school everything is organised for you. It helps you develop interests and focus on what you’re good at. By volunteering you get the chance to put this into action – almost like a trial run.

Do you want to work as part of a small or large team? Do you like using your initiative and problem-solving? Do you want order, or a more fluid work plan? How well do you adapt to change?

Do you in fact want to do what you thought you wanted to do – or could you stretch yourself further? Achieve more? Do something different?

When you realise how much one person can achieve, this can transform your outlook for your future.

See the world and have an unforgettable adventure.

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