Hey guys! 

Here are some fantastic ‘top tips’ from one of our star Fundraisers from last summer, Alex! Alex has put together these super helpful tips that will definitely come in handy when planning your own fundraising event. Check them out…


  • Don’t be scared to ask as many businesses in your local area as possible to help donate, even if there is more than 1 company the same…they don’t contact each other.
  • If a business offers to give you a voucher to buy cakes/ ingredients for a bake sale, don’t turn this offer down. I know it may be more work on your part, but just remember, at least you don’t need to buy them yourself.
  • When talking to your school, go with a solid plan e.g. date, time, how to advertise etc. Schools love it when a plan is set. Whilst you may go with a desired date, schools may have other events on so it’s best to go with a selection of dates or a block of dates e.g. the week before the end of term before Christmas.
  • When getting businesses to come to your event, have a space layout so that you know you don’t over fill the room.


  • Use the time of the year to your advantage. If it’s Christmas for example, try to get some Christmassy stalls.
  • Make sure when hiring out a place, they have enough tables and chairs to fit your needs.
  • Plan your event around pay day so people have money to spend at your event. The public know they have just been paid so are willing to spend money at events.
  • Include other activities such as a raffle, tombola or Fundraising Board (e.g. Borneo Board, Cambodia Board).



  • Ask local businesses to support the cost of refreshments, whether this be in the form of a donation or voucher to use in their store.
  • Always advertise that you have one of these accounts during your events to increase chances of getting that little extra bit of money for your fundraising. In one event, I managed to raise over £400 with one of these.
  • Advertise regularly on social media that you have one of these pages and explain why you have it and what your expedition includes.
  • Make sure you tell everyone what you are raising funds for, often people love the idea of trying to help if they know it’s going in aid of another cause. Honestly, big it up!!




  • Notify Camps International of your success. They have a fundraiser of the month where you can win clothes and kit towards your trip. Just by raising funds, you could be getting freebies, which is a great way to gain more, but spend less.
  • Don’t be scared to ask the same company, but different stores for donations or prizes.
  • Have a plan! Say to yourself “I want to raise X amount from this event, how can I get that”, but be realistic.
  • Advertise as much as possible. Advertising techniques include: posters around your local area (schools, pubs, libraries etc), digital techniques (Facebook/Twitter/ Other social media platforms), your school website, TV’s around school, promotional marketing at events (e.g. freebies, half price tickets to pupils of the school, promotion for the public of buy 4 tickets for the price of 3), word of mouth, sponsorship, text messages sent out to family and friends, radio, newspaper, collection buckets at your events.


All of these are awesome tips you can consider when planning your fundraising event, Alex is proof that you can do it if you put your mind to it! 

Thank you Alex!