We were glad this year to host our first German School in our Camps. The team had a great time in Camp Tsavo and Muhaka respectively, doing projects and other adventurous activities. This is what they had to say…………………

On the 3rd February 2017, we started our turbulent journey to Africa- Kenya and after about 24 hours of traveling, we arrived at Moi International Airport (MIA) in Mombasa where we were welcomed and picked up by members of Camp Kenya who waited for us patiently.


Thuringia school group photo on arrival

The first 4 days of our two weeks’ trip we were not in the hands of Camps, we stayed in a hotel at Diani Beach. But during that period Camps International was committed and ensured that all our transfers were organized every day from the hotel to the “Born again” Children’s Home in Ukunda. Our school has been supporting this place for many years and therefore were all happy to visit.

On Wednesday, the 08th February 2017 our excitements to visit Camp Tsavo became inevitable. The driver picked us from the Hotel and began our drive to Tsavo. Although the ride seemed to be long and bumpy, the Jambo song that was played in the bus, which combined so well with the views of African landscapes made the journey hilarious. Upon arrival at the Camp everyone was amazed by the incredible paranoiac views of the camp. Furthermore, the Camp Tsavo staff, hospitality made us feel extremely welcomed.

Our first day of project work in Tsavo began with a wildlife monitoring game drive at the Rukinga Ranch. Later in the afternoon we got engaged in some of the ongoing wildlife project work, established by Wildlife Works which Camps international have been solidly supporting for more than 12 years. The team got involved in digging a trench to install culverts in the ranch to enhance water flow in a water hole for the wildlife.


and afterwards we could see more than 30 elephants at a waterhole.

Rukinga wildlife project 2-002

Other projects we contributed in were brick making and


Painting walls in Itinyi primary school,


administer De-worming to goats,


elephant deterrent fence making.


After the three days of hard work we had another amazing safari to the Tsavo East National Park one of the largest national parks in Africa.


The day before we left Camp Tsavo, we had a full day adventurous trek to the Marungu Hills, that included shelter building, traditional artery and fire making challenge.


All activities were tremendously planned and had a heap of fun for everyone. After the 6 days in Tsavo Camp we drove back to Kwale, Muhaka Camp.

We arrived at the Camp past midday and Gladys the Camp Manager who was also incredibly friendly, welcomed us. Our stay in Camp Muhaka started with an orientation to the village where we were shown some of the projects that were previously completed by other volunteers and learnt how they have hugely changed people’s life. The walk to the village gave us a good insight on the wonderful work that Camps International has done to the community. While in Muhaka we visited Muhaka Islamic school where we got committed in helping to teach English to the local children who desperately needed our support.


Later that afternoon we were involved in a coconut adventure activity where we learnt everything about the coconut tree and its fruits,


We then went into a sacred Kaya forest and learned about environmental conservation and later that evening finished with a cultural traditional healer.


Overall Camps International allowed us to have a wonderful trip with insight not only into the African, culture, but also the private life of local People.

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