You’ll never be able to predict everything that will happen whilst travelling (that’s part of the fun of it) but there is one thing you can be sure of – your trip will definitely change you, and for the better.


Your comfort zone will get a whole lot wider

There’s no way around it, at times travelling will push you to your limits both mentally and physically. Whether it’s trekking through the heat to reach that must-see vista at Machu Picchu or testing out your bartering skills in the bustling night markets of Cambodia, there’s definitely going to be occasions when you’ll feel totally out of your comfort zone. Once you’ve achieved these things though, you’ll feel the rush of knowing you can do something you may never have thought possible. That doesn’t just mean knowing you’ll be able to do those same things again in the future – you’ll also have the confidence to try out even more new experiences knowing you’ll be capable of more than you think.




You’ll learn a lot from the cultures of other people…

Seeing how other people live in completely different environments, climates and cultures is an eye-opening experience which will give you a rich understanding of the world we live in. The best way to get a truly authentic taste of life in another country is to get stuck in with the local communities. You’ll get to see rural areas that are way off the beaten track and gain a true appreciation of the day to day life of the people who live there.


…and also realise the things that we all have in common

Despite the huge differences in the way of life, it’s always amazing to discover just how much we have in common with people from all different corners of the globe. A smile is the same in every language, and being able to share a laugh or a meal with someone from a different culture is an incredible bonding experience.




You’ll make some fantastic friends

It’s hard to find a more friendly and open-minded bunch of people than those that travel. People who take the leap to travel outside their home country are always eager to learn, explore and communicate with others and you’ll no doubt have plenty of meaningful and insightful conversations with your fellow travellers.

If you’re a little nervous about going solo, joining a group trip is the perfect way to make instant friends to share the experience with. It’s the ultimate bonding experience as you learn to acclimatise to a new and exciting place together. The independent travel programmes we offer at Camps International allow you the freedom to travel and explore independently with a reassuring safety net behind you and the knowledge you will have full support should you need it.


You’ll find yourself re-connecting with your home

It may sound strange but travelling abroad gives you a great opportunity to re-connect with where you come from, by giving you a fresh perspective to consider it in a different way. Stepping outside of your daily routine will allow you to reflect on life back home, perhaps think about some changes you’d like to make in the future, or simply give you a newfound appreciation for the things you usually take for granted.


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