Kenya has taught us more than we thought it would. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. As the week progressed we connected not only with each other but also with the community. The first couple of days at Itinyi Primary School, was an eye-opening experience.


Arrival to Itinyi School

Although we all knew we were privileged and blessed, having a first-hand experience with the kids gave us a whole new perspective on life; not only because they valued their basic education, but also because they were grateful for what little they have.


Local children interaction

Building the foundation of a new admin block and learning how back-breaking every day activities in Kenya are in comparison to Dubai allowed us to persevere through any challenges we came across and truly realize how fortunate we are.



Itinyi administration block construction

Additionally, having such a supportive and caring team made the experience not only more enjoyable and memorable but also more efficient and productive. We truly hope we left as big of an impact on the local children as they did on us.


Apart from learning how to appreciate life from the children, Mama Mercy taught us how to appreciate the work and effort women must put in to their everyday life. Being a group of majority young girls on the trip, Mama Mercy really allowed us to understand how difficult things are for women.


Conversation with Mama Mercy

Learning about women’s rights every day in school and studying feminism in English and encountering it every day in the 21st century, having seen a real-life definition of a “feminist” truly empowered us as women to work twice as hard with all activities thrown at us and motivated us to not only accomplish what was expected from us, but to go above and beyond.


Beads Work craft at Tumaini Women Community Centre

And that is exactly what we did with our stay here. As a group, we smashed records, persevered through difficulties together, and most importantly left our personal stamp on Kenya. That is all thanks to the admirable Mama Mercy and her Women’s Group.

We also had an opportunity to help administering livestock deworming in the local homesteads. We successful dewormed 198 goats, the largest number ever to have been done by the UAE schools from the previous years. It was great achievement for all of us and we felt rewarded from the team work effort.


Livestock de-worming at local homesteads

Having no Wi-Fi access was a small “difficulty” a lot of us had to overcome. When we landed in Kenya, all of us were guilty of checking our phones for any source of wi-fi, a way to connect back to the world. However, after being disconnected for so long, the thought of diving back into social media did not seem as enticing as it was at the beginning of the trip.


Having face to face conversations with each other might have been awkward at first since none of their faces looked anything like our iPhone screens, however, with the help of lit music, great food, and joyful companions, our night parties helped us truly forget about our Wi-Fi obsessions and truly appreciate nature and the world for what is really is. Our home.

This special Kenyan family that we have created with each other will never be forgotten.


Visit to the Masai Village

With all our laughs, inside jokes and beautiful memories, it will be impossible to forget something you love and cherish so much.

Having to return home will be an extremely bittersweet moment. However, it’s a guarantee that the 4-hour bus ride to the airport will be 100% more eventful now that we all know and love each other. The 4 hours will fly by sadly. They say time is relative. These seven days together made us feel like we’ve been family for seven years, yet this journey passed in what seemed like seven minutes. Nevertheless, those seven minutes were worth every drop of sweat. The memories made in Kenya will not only be memories to laugh about later in life, but memories to reflect on daily.


We’d like to thank Camp Kenya for hosting us and providing us with the best food, accommodation, and environment that allowed us to feel at home and welcomed.


However, our biggest thank you to Camp is for always making sure we were smiling, enjoying ourselves and teaching us that happiness does not come from what we have, but from within. Without them and their amazing staff and efforts, this trip wouldn’t have been the same.