There’s no hiding it – going on expedition is simply awesome. We promise you’ll have an amazing time, see things you never expected and make memories you’ll never want to forget. Check out a few of our favourite reasons and benefits of going on expedition.

It’s your chance to find out more about you

Travel broadens your horizons, once you step off that plane in a new country you’ll never see the world in the same light, how exciting!

Spending time abroad gives you a unique opportunity to embrace and be surrounded by new cultures. All our camps are located in the heart of local communities, so you’ll be hearing and speaking new languages with locals, tasting and trying new foods and experiencing first hand an entirely different way of living. You will totally realise how lucky you are to have so much available to you back at home.

Going on a school expedition gives you confidence and a huge sense of independence. A trip like this is a chance to meet new people and practice your social skills. You will come home with so many new friends, in both the locals and kids in your year that you might not normally talk to.

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 Give an awesome boost to your future, whatever you choose to do

When you leave school, and decide whether to go to uni or look for a job, you need to do everything you can to make yourself standout and an expedition like this on your application or personal statement, will totally do that.

Imagine in your interviews telling someone about the time you spent four weeks volunteering in Africa, repairing houses and seeing the big five on safari, or working on reforestation projects in Ecuador, visiting the Galapagos islands and learning to scuba dive.

Doing these types of activities while still at school and the fact that you are fundraising in the run up to your trip will give you fantastic skills such as:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Organisation
  • Attention to detail


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Get creative and channel your inner entrepreneur

A big and fun part of your school expedition is raising the money to go. Nothing feels better than when you reach your target and know you’re the one who’s made it happen.

In order to raise the money, you will have to think like an entrepreneur and get creative, try new things, get active and involved in your community.

You’ll learn how to budget, which is an essential life skill. For the best ways to save and manage your money check out Megs blog which gives you loads of great hits and tips.

We would love to hear from you! What were your first thoughts when given the opportunity to go on a school expedition? Do you feel the same now? What have you learnt so far? Is there any advice you would give others that are at the start of their journey?