In a time where there is unrest around the world, it can sometimes feel like we have no control over what we do or where the world is going. There is one way you can change this feeling and bring about real change.

At Camps we are a global family, a complete mixture of different cultures, backgrounds, experiences and religions. We all work together with amazing volunteers (and hopefully you) to make a real, tangible and positive impact on the lives of some of the most vulnerable communities, endangered wildlife and fragile environments.

There are many things we cannot change, but rather than focus on them, we turn our attentions to how we can make a difference to the lives of thousands of people, wildlife and vulnerable environments, every day, month and year.

Now it’s your chance to make your mark on the world, whether you’ve got 2 weeks or 3 months to spare – your impact, the people you meet, the difference you can have, will transform lives (yours and theirs) for the better, forever.

Here’s a snapshot of the impact you could help to create:



Kenya community

Kenya holds a very special place in the heart of Camps, it’s where we launched our very first trips to nearly 15 years ago. Our commitment in rural communities in Kenya has helped to build and renovate schools, run a school feeding programme to ensure over 700 children get a hot meal every day, build houses for vulnerable families, install energy efficient stoves to combat malnutrition, clean up and protect local beaches, enable local women’s groups to start their own micro enterprises and generate an income for them and their families, run healthcare and hospitals outreach programmes which have delivered medical care to nearly 30,000 people since launching in 2011 and plant over 32,000 native seedlings to combat deforestation.

Many of these projects, or similar ones are ongoing – click here for all the options for your to get involved.



Borneo blog header 2016-07-12

We have been working in Borneo for the past 8 years, engaging in wide ranging projects from rainforest regeneration initiatives to building community market places to support micro finance, building bridges to better connect communities, maintaining community clinics, repairing and improving schools, installing community toilets, protecting vital marine life through conservation programmes, installing ground fed water systems to enable communities to have access to running water, building a community kindergarten to enable families to access safe and appropriate childcare and secure employment.

The stunning world of Borneo awaits along with the chance to transform communities and protect this incredible environment and its wildlife. For all the info on the trips you could take, click here.



camp borneo camp cambodia

Cambodia is top on many travellers must visit destinations as it’s packed with culture, history and stunning scenery and some of the warmest andmost welcoming people you will ever meet. Our work in Cambodia since 2010 has included refurbishing schools, building classrooms, creating a permaculture farm and jungle garden, building houses for the most vulnerable members of communities, installing toilets into communities who have no access to sanitation and restoring a dam to protect the water supply for a small community of 1500 people.

The chance to be involved in these valuable and vital projects alongside exploring the ancient temples of Angkor Wat and other jungle temples gives it the perfect mixture of exploration and changing lives and environments. Click here for more information on our Cambodia trips.



camp ecuador

In 2012 we expanded our reach to include South America and have been busy getting stuck into making a huge impact. During the past 5 years we have started the work on a new medical centre, refurbishment and improvement work on a number of schools, building a new day care centre, creating an organic community garden to provide a source of food and income to families in need, planting over 3000 native trees to help combat deforestation, constructing a community house and eco cabins to boost potential income and installing rainwater harvesting systems.

The need in Ecuador is immense, in a country of such beauty, teaming with rainforests and exotic wildlife, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the needs of the rural communities and the wildlife. To read more about our Ecuador adventures, including options to visit the world famous Galapagos Islands, click here.




peru volunteer

Peru is the last of the destinations to join our current country range for independent travel. Peru is a world of contrasts, from bustling cities to huge mountain ranges. It also provides a number of challenges and has widespread areas of deprivation.

Our projects in Peru have included planting thousands of trees to combat deforestation, building new classrooms and refurbishing local schools, installing water into communities who have no access to fresh running water, installing fuel efficient stoves, greenhouses and cattle sheds to protect and improve access to healthy food and a safe way to cook it, building a nursery for young children to enable their parents to return to work and installing community toilets in areas where there is no sanitation.

We have launched a new university programme in Peru to help transform the lives of the local children through refurbishing and improving school facilities alongside our other volunteering opportunities. For all the details, click here.


No matter where you go, how long you stay for, the projects you work on will have an immense impact. Regardless of whether you travel at the beginning, middle or end of a project, we promise that every project we start we finish, without compromise.

To date we have helped over 50,000 people across the countries we work in – you can help change the lives on another 50,000.

Request a brochure today and have a look through our trips to choose where you want to make a difference.