WOW! Check out Olly, he has done brilliantly – have a read and be inspired. Well done Olly, you really are a star, not long till you are on that plane!

When I first heard about the expedition to Borneo I was buzzing about going! I couldn’t wait to go home and bombard my parents with this amazing opportunity. The money was just a number to me and as far as I was concerned I had to raise the money for this Expedition. I was so excited that I spent the whole next day researching about Borneo and it blew me away not with just the history but being an avid diver I was so determined to go.  What really made me excited was that it’s going to be a month! A month in a new environment learning about the way the tribes live and survive. As I was in the scouting programme for around 5 years I love building shelters and working with my hands and bush craft so this is making me even more excited to get going.

To start my fundraising, I ran a fete with my other friend going on the expedition as well. It was based in the royal avenue gardens in Dartmouth and we hired out the tea hut. We had stalls and games and it went fantastically. We raised two hundred and forty pounds each! This was a phenomenal start to my fundraising.

Secondly, I entered the Royal Regatta of Dartmouth road running race. My mum running a travel business was my first sponsor for the race, my second sponsor was the Normandy Arms in Blackawton where I worked at the time.  The overall sponsor money came to one hundred and fifty pounds! I was truly shocked by the amount of money I got sponsored for and overall came 4th so I’m very proud of myself.


My third fundraiser was a little different, I like a little engineering and I can find no better way to occupy myself than to fix anything mechanical. A local businessman who we know fairly well lives on a farm and donated me his old ride on lawnmower, it needed major repairs but my granddad also being a very experienced engineer helped me to refurbish it as the Hydro-static drive had gone (another form of transmission used on smaller size tractors), so we worked on it for about 20 hours in total then it was fixed, so we polished it up put it on eBay and it sold for a whopping two hundred and twenty pounds! We were extremely happy with the outcome as it only cost hours and hard work at sweat to get it fixed. After this I’ve had a few people asking me to fix things, recently I have done a Makita chop saw, unfortunately I don’t have any photos of me fixing it up. but it turned out that it had lost compression, so after the owner bought the new parts needed we fitted them and it runs like brand new. He donated me fifty pounds for the work.


Throughout my fundraising, I have always run my own lawn maintenance business and every week I have regular customers. That is a little job that helps me to raise another 50 pounds a month.

My mum being a very crafty person helped me to book a table for the village Christmas fair where you can have a table and sell items you’ve made and it tends to be nice homemade items, that I had helped to make i.e cakes and Christmas crafts. I partnered up with one of my best friends who is also going and we ran a big stall and split the profit. This went really well and we made 100 pounds each.



At the start of 2016 we started the fundraising with a car boot sale. We went around the village and asked for bric-a-brac to sell and our own personal items. We raised 120 pounds towards my expedition

In Blackawton (my village) every year there is what we call the international festival of worm charming where about a 1000 people turn up and in previous years they used to run a hog roast. however last year no one did it so we wrote a letter to the local committee and they granted us permission to run one, so me and my dad and a good family friend who had had lots of experience with hog roasts ran it and he kindly donated the hogget and we completely sold out, it was a 5am start but it was definitely worth it.  We raised a total of 200 pounds.



My granddad and I every Tuesday play table tennis in Stoke Fleming just outside Dartmouth as that is the only local club around, I know everyone there really well and one of the people there belongs to the Old Dartmothian Mens charity for the town and they very kindly donated me 200 pounds, Luckily for me Nannie belongs to the old Dartmothians Woman’s and they donated me a further 250 pounds; so on one of their coffee mornings I went down and presented to them everything about the expedition and what I shall be doing. It was amazing how considering everyone was and they felt so impressed that I was going out to help other countries who are not quite as lucky as us.



So, from there on I have been invited to many Dartmouth groups and I help representing the younger generations to the people of Dartmouth. During one fete with the inner wheel (A group for retired business woman of Dartmouth) I ran a teddy tombola with teddies we had collected with my nan and it went amazingly we got a total of 110 pounds. I also attended the Rotary Club of Dartmouth fete and ran another teddy tombola; also, selling chutneys and jams which I helped my nan to make and they all sold out! That helped to raise another 115 pounds.


That’s my fundraising for the last 2 years and now there’s only three months to go and I have another ram roast planned then I have reached my target! Most of all I have learnt that you never know until you ask and take every opportunity that comes your way!

Amazing, well done Olly. 

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