At Camps International we carefully select our internship programme to provide the perfect blend of volunteering, shadowing internationally acclaimed companies, gaining hands on experience and appreciating and immersing yourself into a new culture.


Partnering with some truly inspirational organisations to deliver these exciting opportunities, we offer internships in conservation, business and agriculture, design and creativity, education, environment and engineering, and law and international studies.

Whether you are thinking about joining an internship to gain a true insight into a field in which you are considering studying or perhaps have studied and now looking to launch your career – we offer 4 and 6 week opportunities to gain real, hands on internships which deliver life-changing impact.

Help care for sun bears in Borneo

If you’re interested in conservation, wildlife or zoology, we offer an amazing opportunity to volunteer on a conservation project working alongside The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre – the only sun bear conservation centre in the world. Sun Bears are native to South East Asia and every day face a struggle to survive.


The centre provides care and rehabilitation to rescued sun bears and helps to raise awareness of this endangered bear internationally.

Sadly their homelands are being lost to deforestation and poachers hunt them mercilessly.

Our internships placement empowers you to make a real difference to their survival, contributing to vital sun bear conservation programmes whilst also getting to learn more about these incredible mammals.

Your time, whether that’s 4 or 6 weeks will include an enrichment programme helping to improve their living conditions and creating an environment which mimics their natural habitat. You may also help educate local school children by delivering sessions about the bears, or spend time in the visitors centre, and help raise the profile of the projects by blogging and capturing vital data about the bears and their behaviour. You’ll get hands on with animal husbandry, helping to clean the bears and their environment and support ongoing low level maintenance tasks.

Once this amazing experience is over, you’ll spend the remainder of your trip with other Camps International volunteers, staying in 2 camps where you’ll get to explore more of this magical island and get involved in our inspirational projects supporting rural communities. At Camps our sole focus is making a real difference to communities around the world – working on sustainable and truly life-changing projects whether that’s building classrooms, combating deforestation, supporting microfinance, building homes or installing water and sanitation.

Borneo Bongkud school 2015-11-07

We work in partnership with these communities to understand their needs and create projects which tackle these issues at the root cause.

No matter whether you join our projects at the start, in the middle or towards the end – we promise that every project we start, we finish, without compromise.

Every step of the way you’ll be supporting by our team, in the UK and in country, ensuring you have a truly unforgettable experience.

Whatever your motivations, or whether you’re planning to undertake an internship before, during or after university, or perhaps to help you secure your dream job or transfer careers – our programmes offer a life-changing and inspirational experience.

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