Happy Friday all, Erin has really got stuck in to her fundraising – check out what she has been up to, be inspired! She’s been super successful and even has more events in the pipeline…

At school when I first heard about Camp Kenya I thought “no way!”. I couldn’t believe this opportunity was right in front me – I looked round at my friends in amazement. I just knew I wanted to go. I texted my mum who replied “no way!” as she was initially being over-protective and Kenya is so far away – however once we chatted at night about what I would be doing in Kenya and why I wanted to go my mum and dad could see how much I wanted to go. The parents meeting at school was really useful – and we all thought that it was great that it wasn’t just a ‘holiday’ funded by parents but was instead a trip to be ‘owned’ and funded by individual fundraising. Raising £4,000 seemed huge but we agreed as a family that we would work together to fundraise my expedition costs.
My mum is such an organiser and loves a challenge so very quickly started to create one of her spreadsheets and started planning things together through doing some research on Camps International page to get ideas.

We talked about writing to local and bigger companies and worked together on drafting up some emails. We set up an online fundraising page which we all shared on Facebook and by email. I then sent loads of emails to companies asking for donations to my page or for donations of goods that I could maybe use for an event or use for my kit.

We split our spreadsheet into months to keep track of money in terms of forecasting fundraising amounts and the actual amounts we raised. We also created a fundraising schedule for potential ideas. The online page quickly started to received donations which was fantastic.

Unfortunately companies didn’t donate to the page and only one responded offering goods that we gratefully received for selling to make some money.

My friend Rhianne is also going to Camp Kenya so to generate some money we thought we’d do a sponsored walk up the Lomond Hills in Fife. We received personal donations and donations to our pages. It was a wet and windy March day and we had to call off half-way before getting blown off the hills! We repeated this event the next month and added an extra hill in for more of a challenge and for this second sponsored walk I raised just over £100.
I signed up for Camp Kenya at the end of February. Within the first 2 months my online page raised an amazing £395 to my fund which was fantastic.

As well as being good at organising my mum has a small part-time baking business (on top of her full time job) so in March she quickly got to work making muffins, cakepops, cupcakes, fudge and Scottish tablet. We were able to sell these at my mum’s work, my dad’s work and my grandma’s line dancing groups – we just left the box of goodies with a money tub and wee poster and at the end of the day the money tub was full and all cakes were gone! Rhianne and I also sold tablet at our football training. Our hairdresser bought a couple of big boxes of cupcakes too. In March we raised about £400 selling handmade goodies.


In April I made another £130 selling more baked goodies. My football coach also arranged an Easter Raffle and the funds of this were split between Rhianne and myself – so another £84 to my fund.

At my grandma’s line dancing 2 teachers have generously donated raffle money to my fund – a total of £427 – I couldn’t believe it when my grandma handed me all of this money.

My mum’s been having a bit of a break from all that baking so in May we’ve made a smaller amount from this – £60. Also we had been busy preparing for our Race Night with Rhianne and her mum – our first big joint event – which we held on 20th. This took some organising at the start getting a suitable venue and host – the hardest bit was getting sponsors for each of the races for donating prizes (from local businesses) and then sell all of the horses and sell as many tickets as we could. We did our own buffet to keep the costs down as much as possible and printed tickets and posters ourselves.18582447_10211563648040864_3835507175667797345_n

A friend of my mum’s donated a pair of Glasgow SEC panto tickets – so we sold countries at £2.50 each before an event and during the event making £135. We also did a couple of fun games of Heads and Tails paying £1 to play which raised about £50. With all the ticket and horse sales and all the other money from the extra activities on the night, along with the bet money received, less the buffet cost, we made £1320 in total – so £660 to my fund. It was a such a fun night and everyone really enjoyed themselves – it was funny seeing all the adults getting carried away shouting for their horses to win and then getting excited if they won.

The total amount I have raised so far is £2,546. We are all so happy with this amount for 3 months of fundraising work. I am so thankful for everyone’s kindness, interest and support on my expedition and their generosity for helping me on my way. I’m really excited for the expedition although it’s not until next Summer – I think I might get a bit nervous too nearer the time – but I can’t wait to get out there and get put to work!
My mum had made loads of tablet for selling on the race night – we have some left so Rhianne and I are going to sell this at football training again this week. We have a couple of requests for some boxes of cupcakes in June.


We have 2 big events lined up for one weekend in June – both are baking stalls – the first one is at a street festival when me and my grandma will help my mum sell lots of baked goodies hopefully. The second one is at our football fun day where Rhianne’s mum and my mum will run a baking and ‘nearly new goods’ stall – whilst we play our football match and then we can help for a bit afterwards.

We don’t have anything else organised as but will soon start planning a joint quiz with Rhianne and her mum. We know it will be a lot of work organising the prizes so we better start this soon.

Well Done Erin! 

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