A gap trip with impact is about more than just a holiday or some fun in the sun – it’s about challenging yourself and stretching your comfort zone, becoming part of a community and learning about a new culture, and most of all it’s about making a real difference to the lives of people in need.


Whether you take a month or a year, what you do in your gap can help to shape your future. We all know people around the world are currently facing huge and varied challenges. At Camps we believe that solving these issues is not about flying in and out whenever you feel like it. It’s about working together, hand in hand, to run projects in some of the poorest countries in the world and to make a real impact.


Now it’s your chance to create a real impact

Travelling with Camps you’ll very much be an integral part of the community. You will work collaboratively with locals on projects they have requested, projects they believe are significant challenges their community is facing and that we can support them to overcome. We don’t run pointless project – everything we do really matters, so you can know your hard work is valued and will make a genuine impact.




You can trust us

We are an award winning provider and have been partnering with local communities since our launch in Kenya in 2002. We are accredited by the American Gap Association amongst others and rigorously checked to make sure we are a safe, legal and high quality provider.

As a social enterprise, philanthropy is at the heart of the business. We are unique in our approach: we promise to be part of the community 365 days a year and every project we start, we finish, without compromise.


Experience the world in real time

We believe that experiencing the real world is vital. You’re not a tourist, you’re an integral part of the community throughout your journey.

After a day’s volunteering you’ll trade stories, ideas, customs, beliefs and insights with people completely different to you, capturing memories which will stay with you for a life time.




It’s all about win-win

We believe that everyone should benefit from our exciting and transformational programs. At any one time we are working in 3 continents, across 8 countries and with over 100 humanitarian projects underway.

We tackle the root cause of the problems. We don’t paint the same classroom again and again. We create local jobs, we build schools, we support micro finance, we conserve wildlife and protect environments.

You’ll meet incredible people and see exceptional beauty in some of the world’s most enchanting countries. Off the beaten tourist track you’ll see first hand the exceptional wildlife that shares our planet.

Whether you are involved in a project at the beginning, middle or end, the impact you will have will be life-changing for hundreds of people now and for years to come.

During your gap journey you’ll win too, growing in confidence and life experience, creating unforgettable memories, making your own decisions, overcoming problems and having the chance to put some of your learning into practice.

You’ll also gain a whole host of new, practical skills – taking part in activities which you may have never seen yourself doing.



Looking ahead

A gap year trip will transform your outlook in ways you can only currently imagine. The people, sights, projects and challenges will leave a lasting impression in your heart and on your mind.

It will give friends, family and future employers the chance to see the true potential you have and the difference one inspirational person can make to the world.




Your only limit is yourself

The support Camps gives you before, during and after your experience covers every last detail, so what you make of it is up to you.


Where will your gap year take you? What impact could you have?

Request your brochure and start planning your gap year with Camps today.