At Camps International we firmly believe that taking the time to travel and volunteer to help people less fortunate is a huge and important life experience.

It can be easy to underestimate how valuable this experience is and all the benefits it brings to the individuals involved.

We believe travellers make the best employees because:

1. They are prepared to step outside their comfort zone

From the moment they start looking at destinations to travel to, that comfort zone is being stretched. Then booking the trip, the flights and stepping foot on the plane – more often than not on their own, is pushing it further and further. They travel to countries they’ve never been to before, to a completely different culture, language and lifestyle – taking it all in their stride.


2. They are more confident and independent

To a certain extent, people who take a gap trip have no choice but to become more independent – they travel on their own, away from their friends and family, having to make and own their decisions. They need to be confident in their choices and what they want.

It’s a great opportunity for them to learn more about who they are and what they want to be. They become more self-aware and comfortable with where they fit into the world.

3. They are more disciplined and dedicated

The majority of people who take trips have funded their own places or fundraised to secure the money for their trips. They make sacrifices to ensure they save the pennies and pounds required to pay for their trip, turning down extravagance to ensure they reach that goal of travelling abroad.

The commitment and dedication shown to their goal or supporting other people and challenging themselves is impressive. Not wavering, just believing.

4. They learn to negotiate

Whether these skills are learned when booking their trips, or extra add-ons, or when bartering with someone in a local market, negotiation skills are powerful ones for any employee to have. To be confident and sometimes cheeky, knowing when to push and when to accept you’ve done a great deal. Listening, watching and thinking on their feet.


5. They know how to budget effectively

Before and during any trip you have to very quickly learn to budget. How are you going to pay for your trip? How are you going to raise the money? How many hours at work do you need to do? What can you generate from fundraising? How much do you need for visas, kit, living expenses whilst on your trip? What’s your contingency plan? Do you want to add in any extras?

This understanding and ownership of a budget is an awesome life skill to learn, let alone a useful one for every company in a wide variety of roles.

6. They become excellent problem solvers

When they are mid way through a project, with the local community depending on them to help build their school, kindergarten, community centre, house, toilets or help bring water into their community – their ability to work round little hiccups along the way becomes second nature.

It’s often far too easy to ask for help and accept that someone in your immediate circle will help. However, when you’re in the middle of a community where they have no running water, let alone access to Google or a massive supermarket that stocks everything – thinking on your feet, coming up with different and creative solutions becomes part of the norm.

Adapting knowledge and experiences to help other people solve real world problems is an exceptional talent and gift.

7. They are not afraid of change

If nothing around is a certainty, from hot or running water, to there being power one moment and gone the next, to there being changes in itineraries due to weather or a changing local priorities, change simply becomes part of the journey. They therefore learn to accept and adapt, rolling with whatever the situation is and working on the best possible outcome.

8. They see the world as bigger than themselves

The moment they step outside their usual day to day life, their usual circle of people and into another country and continent, travelling for hours to get to their chosen destination, they start realising how big and amazing our world is. They also start to realise that they are one person in this very big world.

Through volunteering on projects they very quickly realise how much impact one person can have on the lives of tens, hundreds or thousands of people, now and for years to come.


9. The develop entrepreneurial skills

One precious element a lot of the people travelling with us get is the opportunity to collaborate with inspirational, forward thinking people within the developing world. They have the opportunity to work with, learn from and share knowledge with these people who are launching or running their own small business initiatives which can transform their families’ future.

Whether someone travels for weeks, months or takes a whole year or more to experience what our world has to offer and help to change people’s lives, we believe this is not only a life-changing experience for them, but that everything they experience has a value to help them build, grow and enhance the companies they go on to work for.

So employers, we call upon you to embrace and celebrate these amazing individuals and everything they have learned and experienced. Often more than we may have had the opportunity to see.

Travellers, we salute you, everything you achieve before, during and after your trip. You leave a lasting impact on everyone you come into contact with and we image they leave a fairly firm one on you too.


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