The objective was set – myself and four colleagues were challenged to see how much we could raise in just seven days! Most decided to do a sponsored event and set about climbing Mount Snowdon. Another decided to cycle 200 miles on a gym bike and get sponsorship that way. I, however, decided that I wanted to try something a little different and so went and visited my local village pub. I explained to Sarah, the landlady, that I would really like to hold a quiz night; she agreed that I could use the pub on that coming Saturday and so I set about organising.

I designed some flyers on my laptop and printed 200 copies which I then posted through the letterboxes of houses in the village that evening. I wanted it to be more than just a quiz night so decided to add in an auction – but for this, I would need to get some donated items and how was I to do that in just a few days? I had to put my thinking cap on for that.

In the meantime, my colleagues and I decided we would run as a joint venture a ‘fun day’ at our head office the following Tuesday. This would include doing car washing, a bake sale and face painting and so preparations were put into place and got underway.

I spoke to the owner of the local shop and explained what I was doing. He promptly donated a large jar of sweets and allowed me to run a ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’. This was £1 per guess with the winner being announced the following Monday; he placed it on the counter so he could encourage everyone that came in to have a go.

I still needed to get some great ‘prizes’ donated for my auction and so that afternoon I decided to combine my Tesco’s weekly shop with asking if they would be able to help with donating some prizes.

Every large Tesco’s store has a staff member called a ‘Community Champion’. They are responsible for supporting all manner of fundraising in the local area – I met Becky, the Community Champion at my local branch and instantly, she was wonderful.


Alongside my weekly shop, I also walked away with six bottles of donated goodies. Two Prosecco, two white wines and two red wines. Not a bad start for my auction.

It was also agreed that I could go in for an hour to bag pack on Saturday.

I decided to also put my ‘challenge’ onto social media to see if that would help generate anything – and it most certainly did. Within 24 hours, I had £70 donated to my cause.

Flushed with my success at Tesco’s, I decided to go out and see what other items I could get donated. I’ll be honest and say it was a little disheartening with most of the high street chains response remaining the same – you have to contact Head Office. However, if I was fundraising for longer than one week, this encouraged me that they would support and it would definitely be something I would do.

Instead, I decided to try the local independent shops – and was staggered by their generosity.

In two hours I had the following:

  • 2 x bottles of wine in a presentation case
  • 2 x dog grooming sessions
  • 1 x manicure
  • 1 x cut & blowdry
  • £30 of pet accessories
  • £30 of vouchers at a local restaurant
  • 3 x travel bags with accessories
  • £10 gift voucher for John Lewis
  • 2 x art sets worth £20 each and of course, my six bottles of wine from Tesco!


I did an hour of bag-packing at Tesco’s but soon realised that this is better done as a group and with collecting buckets at the till which I didn’t have. Lesson learnt but I still made £7.50 and as Tesco’s say themselves, every little helps!

That evening the quiz took place and was great fun and a wonderful success. Around 25 people took part and the auction went down a storm. The money raised was incredible £333.


In fact, the event was so popular that the landlady offered that I could do an impromptu competition of ‘Killer Pool’ the following day so I announced this to everyone to see if I could drum up interest.

At 5pm, I ran the Killer Pool charity tournament which proved to be another hit – and raised £52 so much so that I was asked if we could run it fortnightly.


On Monday, I collected the ‘Sweets in a Jar’ from the Local shop – and the £18 it had raised. Not bad for a jar of sweets that was donated and took none of my time to do as the shop ran it on my behalf.

It was time to join forces with my other colleagues and we held our ‘Fun Day’ around doing work. Whilst this meant that we couldn’t wash as many cars as we liked, the cakes went down extremely well and there were some beautifully painted faces. We raised £162.50 – £32.50 each which was fabulous


Although it was a full-on week, it was extremely successful and I raised £513 in total!

All money raised has been donated to The Camps Foundation. Established in 2008 to raise the additional funds needed to support the huge range of project commitments Camps International has. 100% of all donations raised are spent on projects – this is the 100% guarantee. (

I hope my journey has given you some fun fundraising ideas.

Good luck!