We like to practice what we preach here at Camps, so while our ‘oldbie’ colleagues were of in far flung corners of the globe leading students; us ‘newbies’ held the fort at Camps HQ. We were set with a challenge whilst doing our everyday work we had to fundraise the deposit of a school trip within a week!

I was lucky enough to travel as a student a few years ago with Camps, and I had raised or worked for the cost of my entire trip. I considered myself a seasoned pro. ‘Easy’ I thought to myself when this challenge pinged into my mailbox. However, I quickly realised that this is an achievable goal; but it definitely requires a bit of work.

Having recently moved to an area in the UK I had no familiarity with I was at a loss for the community/friends/family element of the fundraising. However, the North West does have its perks. One particularly ‘large’ perk being that of Mount Snowdon, a mere hour and a half from my flat. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, my mind instantly jumped to a sponsored walk. I invited my ‘newbie’ team to join in.

As I wouldn’t be travelling on a trip, the money raised would be donated to our Camps Foundation. This is the charity element of Camps, established in 2008 to raise the additional funds needed to support the huge range of projects we have around the world. (http://www.justgiving.com/campsfoundation)

I wanted to make our climb up Snowdon a little bit different, as my mates would not sponsor me for a hill walk, as most of them choose to do this in their free time anyway.

snowdon walk

We decided to each embody one of these elements. Mountain was done (Snowdon covered that for us). Michael decided to take on the role of a ninja turtle Raphael, Henry bravely climbed in a wetsuit with a snorkel mask and I became Bear Grylls himself! This also helped to get my friends to sponsor me as it was a ‘hill walk’ with a difference.

We set off on a clear but chilly morning, summiting Mt Snowdon itself in just under 3 hours. Many a moment was taken to stop and catch a quick selfie. We summited in the clouds and it got very chilly at the 1,085m summit. As we started our descent, to warm and a well-earned takeaway, the heavens opened and Michael learnt the importance of grippy shoes and waterproofing your spare socks!


All in all, it was a fantastic day and I raised a total of £270, all from just a few hours of walking with mates.

In order to bump my total up, even more, we decided to run a fun day for our HQ companions who were working tirelessly to look after all our in-country adventurers.

We did car washing, cake sales, face painting, Higher/Lower, Team Quiz competition and Sand Art.


My brownies went down a treat and were voted best in show…while Michael surprised us all with his artistic skills and Anna blew the crowd away with her card trickery. Henry was our master car washer along with Sorcha fetching endless buckets of water. During that day we raised £162.50 – £32.50 each!

I finished the week on £302.50, from just two events. This would be the equivalent of my direct debit deposit, meaning I reached my required target and got to have fun at the same time.

Hope this helps inspire you to get out and get fundraising!

Best of luck,

Amy (Expedition Coordinator for North West)