Fundraising. Something I know so much about, but have very little experience in. I mean, besides the odd school bake sale here and there, I have never really fundraised towards a goal or target. However, after joining Camps International and witnessing the spectacular efforts that students make towards fundraising their way onto expedition, I knew that what I was being asked to do, was more than capable.

To raise a sum equivalent to an expedition deposit in just one week! Myself and 4 others put our thinking caps on; we wanted to not only raise the funds needed, but do it in a way that is fun, memorable and most of all relevant to Camps.

We set our sights on the notorious Mount Snowdon, the largest mountain in Wales. We didn’t just want to climb it, we wanted to summit it but we didn’t just want to summit it, we wanted to summit it in fancy dress! This was a great idea for a fundraising event and we each turned to fundraising websites to spread awareness and provide the opportunity for people to sponsor us for such a great cause.


Now I have never climbed a mountain before, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. As it turns out, it’s hard work, but I can honestly say that it was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life (and slightly one of the most embarrassing as I looked like the world’s worst Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle).


The climb was intense, the scenery was beautiful and the air was pure. Once I had reached the summit, deep in the clouds, I took the time to stop and think about what I have just achieved and how my efforts that day have contributed towards improving people’s lives all around the world. I was proud of myself and I was proud of my friends, but most of all I was proud of those who have donated their hard-earned cash to the Camps Foundation. Snowdon summit, done!summit


Next, we had organised a fundraising day down at our head office in Ringwood. A day full of various fundraising events, from cake sales, car wash, face painting, sand art and more! I had baked a lemon drizzle cake and I never realised how hard it is to bake a cake a not be able to taste it before you hand it over to be judged. However, I was fairly confident in myself but that was up until I saw what my friends have brought to the table! As it turns out it was delicious, they all were. But that could just be down to the fact that I love cake.

The car wash was by far the most successful, contributing to the majority of our fundraising efforts. Charging £5 outside, £5 inside, £10 full monty, the team and I broke into a sweat as we got everybody’s cars squeaky clean.

I had put myself forward to be the designated face painter. From Spiderman to pirates, I felt like Vincent Van Gough as I created masterpieces using a children’s easy face painting set. Only charging £2 a face, this was a fun and creative way to get people in the fundraising spirit. After a long day face painting, washing cars and eating cake, I mean selling cake; we managed to add up our accumulative efforts and announce to the office that we had successfully reached our target and raised a total of £1270.

This was the biggest achievement of all, we had proven that it can be done and we all left that office feeling proud of one another and the generosity of those around us!

Regional Expedition Coordinator

Camps International