Picture that feeling you get when you’re handing over an amazing gift on Christmas morning, something you know the receiver is going to really appreciate. Imagine that on an enormous scale. Imagine knowing that the hard work and effort you put into your volunteer project is going to transform somebody’s life.

“It was the best feeling being able to hand over a brand new and painted house to one of the mamas from the village… her smiling face is something that I will never forget” – Katie, Kenya 2016




It’s the gift with the biggest impact… the change you help to make will last long into the future.

Unlike that fancy new gadget that will be outdated by next year, your trip could make a difference that will last for generations to come.

When you volunteer with us, you’ll be contributing to an incredible global effort to drive positive sustainable change across all the locations we work in.




You might be working on a school that will guarantee education for hundreds of children, propelling them towards a brighter future with greater opportunities. You could be planting seedlings in areas of high biodiversity, safeguarding the natural habitats of protected species to increase their chance of survival. Or you may help to install a permanent fresh water supply within a community to benefit hundreds of people.

We are committed to ensuring that no project is left unfinished. Our permanent presence in all our locations means we can guarantee the longevity of our work and ensure our projects bring maximum benefits to the local community.




Volunteering your time is one of the only things you can give away that actually makes you richer.

It may be a cliché saying, but our volunteers’ stories go to show just how much the experience enriches your life.

Kathleen travelled with Camps to South America last year and told us her 3 months away has transformed her outlook on the world – “I feel inspired and excited to now live a more meaningful and full life and I feel that I have become more confident and appreciative as a person.”




Your experience volunteering abroad really will stay with you for a lifetime. The exciting new destinations you’ll explore, the people you’ll meet and the perspectives they’ll share with you, the things you’ll prove to yourself as you step outside your comfort zone – all these things will be etched into your mind for years to come.


Embarking on a trip like this is truly a life-defining experience that provides an amazing building block for your own future.

It will change your viewpoint and challenge your beliefs – not only about the world around you, but about your own abilities as well.

Whether you’re taking a gap year out of education, enjoying a career break or just looking for a new and rewarding adventure, spending time volunteering overseas is a hugely rewarding and influential experience that will help you develop and learn more about yourself at a crucial time in your life as you start to forge out your future path.





So as you get into the spirit of giving this Christmas, dream big and think about just how much of a difference you could make in 2018.

Start your year off in the best way by requesting one of our brochures find out more about our incredible trips and how you can join us in making a huge impact around the world next year.

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