Heres a goodie from Callum! He has raised ALL the money towards his expedition – in just three months!! Check out Callums wonderful successes below…..
When I first heard about the expedition I was so excited!! I am already a Youth Ambassador in my local Town for Leading Link and have always wanted to help other communities further a field and want to see other countries in the world!! 
I have managed since the middle of May to raise the full £4080 target and I am so pleased to have been able to do this!  It has been a lot of hard work but also fun along the way!  I have a great support network around me that has helped me every step of the way.
So to manage to raise this amount of money in just 3 months this is just some of the things we have been doing:-
We decided to email as many companies as possible asking for tombola or raffle prizes along side asking companies if they would like to sponsor me to have their logo on our t-shirt. A local golf course gave us £100 and a company my Grandad worked at for many years sponsored me £500 so we put there logo on the t-shirt also!!  We have received loads of raffle and tombola prizes off many companies now which have been used in various raffles etc…
We have had two bag packs at our local Morrisons and managed to raise nearly £700 which was fantastic.  My dad held a raffle at his place of work raising over £200.  I held a stall at the local Bedlington Picnic event, with a tombola, kids lucky dip, sweet cones, guess the teddies name and a raffle for a sweetie tree and raised £350! We did a 10 mile sponsored walk, there was 17 of us that took part, the weather had been great for weeks but not on the 22nd July!  It was cold, windy and rained all day!  However it was a lot of fun and we raised over £800!!  Our local Indian restaurant allowed us to hold a fundraising evening, we had a quiz and a raffle and raised nearly £450.  Another local company give a donation of £150 along with a lot of generous individuals that have also donated to me.  I can’t thank everyone enough that has helped me raise the full amount.
As I have raised the money I need I have not got any future events planned.   I am however hoping to help others from my school on the same expedition with their own fundraising. I have paid the next 2 payments and will be making the final payment in a couple of weeks, I am just waiting on the final money coming in from the sponsored walk.

I can’t wait to go to Ecuador in the Summer of 2018, to meet the local communities and explore different cultures it really is a dream come true and it’s an amazing opportunity I have been given!

Thank you
Callum 3FD0AEFE-BFCF-4AA9-9AD4-1C1A73C738DC

Awesome Callum, well done! 

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Have a great weekend! 

Meg 😀