Hey all! Happy Friday, check out Megan’s awesome fundraising efforts. Well done!

My first thoughts were wow amazing and what an opportunity to help people and animals. I managed to convince my mum that I should go and then it hit me. How was I going to raise all that money? Could I do it? How could I do it? Initially the amount I had to raise felt daunting and I was very close to changing my mind!
We weren’t too certain how to start fundraising but decided to try babysitting- because mum works with kids I have lots of experience too. We made some leaflets, started to distribute them and I was contacted for my first job…dog sitting! That was great, I was being paid to cuddle and play with dogs. Through the leaflets and advertising on a local Facebook group I now have 7 families that I babysit for.

I also set up a gofundme account to tell everyone what I was doing and to keep a record of the money I raise. We decided to use craft skills we had learnt on a recent holiday and started making angels charms and doing pyrography and card making with the idea I could sell them at local fairs. I also wrote letters to local businesses to sponsor me to put their logo on my t-shirt. The response was low but one company, did sponsor me and a local garage are supporting me by letting me have a stall at their open mornings.

The items I make are selling well at local events including school and church fetes.  A touring camp site and hairdressers in my village are selling some of my crafts for me as well. Other fundraising I have done includes bootfairs which family and friends gave me items to sell, setting up an easyfundraising account, holding a Krispy Kreme sale at our school music concert with a friend who is also going and pet sitting and house sitting whilst people are on holiday.


During the summer holidays, the local stables that I ride at also let me run pony experience sessions where children came along to groom and ride the ponies. This was really popular; it only took 2 days to fill all the places and I raised £170 towards my total. Lots of people have asked me to hold another one so I am arranging one for October half term. Doing the fundraising is challenging me to push myself out of my comfort zone. I feel more confident talking to others and arranging events and others are starting to notice this too.  In just over 5 months I have raise £2387! Now it feels like I can reach my target.

I have lots planned up to the end of the year. I will be taking all the clothes left over from bootfairs to a cash for clothes company. I have two more open mornings at the garage and I’m just about to start advertising my next pony experience day. I am also starting to organise a table top sale and have craft stalls booked at several Christmas fairs and two of the local village Christmas lights markets. My school is also organising a Christmas Bazaar to raise money for all the students going from my school and I will have a craft stall there too. Finally, I am hoping to do a sponsored haircut and will donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust. Fundraising is hard work but I keep thinking about how amazing my trip to Kenya will be.

My fundraising tips are: Try and tell everyone what you are doing. Don’t be scared to ask businesses or people to help you. Try and use your interests and hobbies. If something isn’t as successful as you’d hoped learn from it and move onto the next thing. Don’t be scared to try something and keep going.

As ever, PLEASE send us your fundraising experiences, it makes us smile when we get to read your stories. When sending in your Fundraising Friday Star please tell us what you felt when you first heard about the expedition, a few paragraphs about what you have been up to so far for your fundraising, any future fundraising plans and some pictures of your fundraising. LOTS of pictures! (pleeeeeease) The pictures do need to be of a high quality that can be uploaded online… no fuzzy mugshots!

Click here to submit your entry today, I can’t wait to hear from you all. Remember, every Fundraising Friday Star will win a FREE HEAD TORCH.

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Have a great weekend! 

Meg 😀