Hey guys! Check out this weeks fundraising Friday star, George! 

I heard about the expedition through a letter from school, me and some of my friends were interested so we went along to the talk in the evening with our Parents. I was keen to go but knew that it was a lot of money to raise. When my parents said yes I was excited but nervous at the same time. I had to write a passage saying why I should be accepted on to the expedition and was lucky enough to have been chosen as one of the 20 students from my school to go. I am still excited and nervous but looking forward to this once in a lifetime experience.

For my first fundraising I did Christmas tree collection and recycle. My Mum had seen someone else had done it in the fundraising booklet from Camps International and as we had 1 old estate car and a biggish garden it seemed like a good idea. I wrote fliers offering to collect Christmas trees for £5 each and explained about the expedition to Peru with Camps International was about and delivered them after new year to our neighbours. I roped my Dad, Mum and younger Brother into helping and over 2 weeks I raised £175, someone even asked if I would take an old sofa to the tip for them, which with Dads help we did. I spent evenings and weekends dragging trees back home. This raised my confidence in fundraising as everyone was so generous, many people gave me extra towards my fundrasing. We chopped the trees up and took them to our local tip which has an area for garden waste and Christmas trees. I also learnt the importance of a good pair of work gloves, Christmas trees are quite spiky and some were very big.


Other things I have done and been involved in are, several bag packs at local supermarkets with some of the other students who are on the expedition. I washed cars, did  bun sales at school and bun and refreshment sale at our Scouts talent show along with a raffle. Along with a friend who is also going on expedition, we did a bottle pull stall at our local village fair. I sold things on E-bay and we buy books. Five of us going to Peru did the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge and raised sponsorship money, we did it in 11 hours! Our Dad did it too in 12 hours and our Mums were the backup crew with food and drinks at the check points.

The two really big things I have been involved in were a Quiz and Chilli night five of us organised at our school and an auction night with food and a bar that eleven of us organised. I also wrote to the local Rotary amd Lions charity groups and they gave me a donation. I had to go along to a Rotary Club meeting and give them a small presentation on what I would be doing in Peru with Camps International, I was nervous but it is all good practice, as my Mum says. I baked buns to sell at one of the local Lions Charity events and made them buns for their annual bowles evening. I also did a car boot sale which I had to get up at 5am for. I have raised £3,600 up to now so I am on target . I have been blown away with peoples generosity in helping me with my fundraising, as at the beginning it seemed such a massive amount. I also has my GCSEs and NCS to do last year.


This year I am again doing the Christmas Tree collection, one of our neighbours put it on our local community website and it has taken off. I have already raised over £300 and am still going out collecting. My Mums friend has offered to pay me to tidy up her garden after winter and give me a donation to my fundraising and I am going to do another car boot sale with my Dad. Another early start. I thought I would struggle to raise the funds to go but although it has been hard work I have enjoyed all the things I have done and I have made good friends with the other students who are going.

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Meg :)