Check out this weeks fundraising Friday star – Sarah! 

As soon as I heard that Camps International was coming into school and that my year was to be included in the opportunity of volunteering in Kenya, I just felt a rush of adrenaline and I knew I wanted to be involved. I raced home to tell my parents all about it and immediately began to convince them that I was 100% committed not only to going but to raising the money. The amount did scare me at first but once my parents agreed, I started fund raising immediately and I am well on my way and there are still 12 months to go. So I am feeling confident that I can raise the money needed.

My first fundraising event was a car boot sale which I knew I could manage and felt comfortable doing. I had some bits and pieces myself and my Dad has loads of odd things he collects and was happy to donate. As well as that my Aunty had a clear out and she gave me loads of things to sell. I raised £134.11, it was well worth the early start.

Then my brother had a 21st Birthday party recently and I did an impromptu auction from gifts we had in the house but hadn’t used. It was really good fun too as I had to work hard at promoting the prizes. They weren’t exactly overly exciting for example, a digital tyre pressure gauge and another was a tow rope. Luckily Mum and Dad agreed to auctioning off two of our hanging baskets but that was as good as it got and I still managed to raise £100.

I have just had my biggest event to date. On Saturday I organised a “Race Night” at the local pub near to where my mum works. This has been by far the hardest thing to do, so far. Before the night, I had to go round my local shops asking for prizes so that I could offer donated prizes for some of the activities rather than cash prizes which would have eaten into my fundraising. I got a few friends to help me do this and we managed to get enough prizes to cover the 8 races and some extra prizes too. I also sold jockeys in advance of the night to family and friends who couldn’t actually come on the night but still wanted to donate. I was very nervous on the night waiting for people to turn up. Me and my two friends Liz and Kitty had spent the afternoon decorating the pub with Camps International bunting and posters and I was going to have to stand up in front of everyone and tell them all about what I was raising money for and the great work by Camps International but I needn’t have been nervous as the evening was so much fun and I raised a whopping £730 and I’m still getting people hand me money now who couldn’t be there. I would definitely recommend this to anyone else looking for fundraising ideas.

Every penny I raise makes me more and more excited about the adventure ahead of me, I can’t wait for the trip and having the opportunity to help other less fortunate than me. I am definitely excited about the thought of meeting the local community in Kenya especially children my age or younger. I hope to embrace everything put before me.

Coming up, I am running the coconut stall at my old junior school at their summer fair and they have said that I can have all the money taken once the costs have been covered. I have also promised to do an assembly on my return to tell them all about my experience. Then in July, I will be doing the BBQ at my annual football awards day and end of season tournament. Again they have said I could have all the money made once the costs have been covered. I’m also going to hold a raffle to raise even more money on the day.

I also want to write to local companies asking them to sponsor me in return for printing their logo on my Camps International T Shirt. I have written the outline but now just need to tailor it to individual companies. Fingers crossed I’ll get some fundraising that way too. So I’m busy, busy, busy working hard to reach my goal. So excited!


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Meg 😀