Sam is not travelling until the summer of 2019 but he has already started his fundraising with a bang!! Have a quick read so see how he got started….. approximately 6 months in and he has already raised £2655!!

Read on to find out how he has done this…..

When I first heard about the expedition I felt excited about the thought of an adventure in a new country where I could earn about a new culture and also help the people in need there.

To raise my first amount I went on a sponsored 180 mile Coast to Coast bike ride from Morecambe to Bridlington. The idea came to me because I am really into cycling so I thought it would be a fun and challenging way to raise money.


bike ride 1

We started planning by asking our friends who recently did the coast to coast bike ride what to expect and which route is the best to take. After we had chosen our route (The Way of The Roses) we bought a map and chose the best places to say overnight. We didn’t face many obstacles whilst planning or whilst completing the event. The sponsored bike ride has so far raised around £1500.

bike ride 3

I have also been selling sweets at school events which has so far raised £75, I have also emailed companies for sponsorship which has raised £775, I have donated some of my wages from my paper round and small jobs which has raised £230 and finally I have sold items on Ebay which has raised another £75. So far my fundraising journey has been fun but very tiring.

sweet selling

Next I am planning to sell more sweets at school events and write to more companies for sponsorship and to buy logos on my t-shirt.

  Amazing effort from Sam, and it just goes to show that if you put the effort in fundraising for your expedition is definately possible!

Sam – there is a thank you present on it’s way for you!