Victoria has worked hard since signing up and has raised over £1500 to date.  Plus she has ensured that she has time to revise and do her GCSE exams.  Some great ideas if you are juggling school and fundraising at the same time! Take a 2 minute break from whatever you are doing and have a read!

Well, as soon as I heard about the expedition, I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to tell my parents – although I wasn’t sure how they would take the news on the cost! It was an opportunity i’d never get again and desperately wanted to go and I began to ask myself; Would I ever get this opportunity agan? Realistically, could I fundraise the required amount? Are my parents willing to let me go?

My mum paid the deposit and has agreed to make any necessary payments while I work hard at fundraising as much of the money as I can! I know I need to work at it but time has been tight since signing up in December due to revision timetables for my GCSE’s. I am currently in the middle of them but in a few weeks’ time, I should be full steam ahead!

The first fundraising event I chose was to swim 7½ miles – each mile being equivalent to 1000 flying miles from home to Borneo. I did this at my local swimming Club once a week after school and Minnows invigilated for me to keep it correct! It took me 11 weeks in total (it would have been less but GCSE revision classes got in the way!). I managed to raise £250.


I have managed to raise £1,663.45 to date, by doing several small events, alongside the one above.

My first fundraising target was to sell some old things I no longer needed as I knew this was something I could do with no trouble and limited arrangement, and would make it easier to continue once I had the confidence to do so. I managed to raise £70 and I still have loads more things to sell too!  I made £100 selling squares with the prize of a huge box of chocolates (worth £45) which was donated to me and I work weekends as a waitress at a local pub and have saved £445.80 in wages plus £240 from babysitting.

I then decided to push myself and signed up for a beginners Triathlon – 400m swim, 12k cycle and 2.5k run.

I have never done anything like this before and seemed a good idea until I saw the route which was mostly uphill! I have no idea how I managed to complete it, but I did in 1hr 24min and am SO proud of myself and raised £462.10


Like others, I have set up an Easyfundraising page and it is currently at £85.55. I love making cards so have put together a box full and made £10, so far. These are ongoing projects and hopefully those figures will keep on growing.

cards 5

cards 4

I have written to local companies asking for sponsorship in return for their logo on my Camps International t-shirt, which will be worn through all my fundraising events. A few of these companies have agreed and I am currently waiting for their artwork to proceed and I am still approaching others.

I am now planning to have a stall at a few village events where i could sell all the cards and other crafts that I have made. I also plan to push myself further by undertaking more challenging events, that are out of my comfort zone, later this year.

We love to hear from you about your fundraising and if you would like to enter, please click on the link below and fill in your details:

We are sending out thank you prizes to those that get published too – currently it is a piece of kit from the kit list!