Charlotte has worked extremely hard and her dedication and work has paid off! Her flight to Borneo is this week and she has fundraised the full amount – great effort!

When I first heard about the expedition to Borneo, I knew that I wanted to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity with both hands and help make a difference to people’s lives. I was so excited by the sound of the trip and couldn’t wait to see amazing wildlife, experience diverse cultures, go scuba diving and get stuck into a variety of projects that help the local communities and the environment. Even though it was something I was desperate to do, it was a large amount of money to fundraise and my family and I had to give the trip some thought. I was also worried that I would struggle making time for fundraising with my schoolwork, exams coming up and clubs/activities. But with my families support and lots of fundraising advice from Camps International, I decided it was too big an opportunity to miss!

As soon as I was signed up I came up with lots of fundraising ideas and started planning what I was going to do. The travellers gateway really helped me to come up with ideas, plan events and it included loads of useful resources to help me with my fundraising.

My first major fundraising event was a Christmas stall at two local primary school fares. I heard about the fares and sent an email to the schools requesting a stall and explaining what it was for. Immediately I started planning what I was going to sell on the stall. Since it was Christmas, I decided to sell handmade Christmas crafts and came up with loads of ideas eg. reindeer hot chocolate cones, reindeer dust, Santa’s magic keys, sleigh bells, Christmas kids party bags and candles. It was quite challenging as I had to have a budget to make sure I wasn’t spending too much so that I could make a profit. I also had to spend a lot of time planning how to make the crafts, buying the resources and making them. When I set up the stalls I decorated empty boxes in Christmas wrapping paper to display the crafts in, I used Camps International bunting and designed posters for everyone to see. The stalls turned out a huge success as I made a profit of £250! After my first event was out of the way, it definitely gave me the confidence to plan and organise more fundraising events as it gave me some experience of how to do it.picture1
To help take a lot of pressure off fundraising I decided to take up 4 weekly paper-rounds. I managed to fit it into my busy lifestyle and it has definitely been worth it because it has payed for half of my trip!

I have delivered rag bags to houses on my street and to the houses I deliver papers to. The community have been very generous and supportive as I have received lots of bags full of unwanted clothes and shoes etc. This has been a very successful way of fundraising as I have raised over £600, and it took very little time to carry out and was very easy.picture4

When I’ve visited family in the holidays I have raised money by doing jobs for them and washing people’s cars. I have set up an easyfundraising account and have made £300 just from family and friends shopping online! I have also received lots of generous donations on gofundme.

My group bought a large cuddly Orangutan and took it around the school and to some school events to raise money by getting people to guess its birthday. A lot of people had a go and supported us, which as a result we raised £65.

As a group we did a bag-pack at Tesco and the Co-op. At Tesco we made nearly £500 and at the Co-op we made £315- and that was from just a few tills! The Co-op kindly offered to sell second-hand books for us and keep money collection tubs at their tills. This raised us £700!

Last Summer we rented out our local charity shop for two weeks in the holidays. We gathered loads of items to sell and had loads of people coming in donating clothes etc. It was hard work manning the shop every day for the entire time, but we took it in turns to make it fair and easier. It was a huge success as we made £869 profit!

That Summer we also held a tombola stall at the local Raft Race. I went around all of the local high street shops handing out letters asking for donations of prizes. We received loads of gifts and vouchers for the stall, which meant that we didn’t have to spend much on prizes. Our group raised £450.

More recently in March, my town held an exciting event called “Lossie Does Strictly”. One of the organisers heard about our trip and offered to give our group a donation if we helped set up the event, helped out at 3 shows over the weekend, and cleaned up afterwards. We were so happy to have been given the opportunity and said yes straight away. During the shows we had to hand out/collect voting forms, sell raffle tickets and help seat/assist the guests. It was a busy, non-stop weekend and hard work, but we had so much fun doing it and got to watch the fantastic shows and experience the party atmosphere. We received a huge donation of £2000 for our help, which we were so grateful for. That was definitely my favourite fundraiser and I would recommend it to anybody as it was so much fun and didn’t feel like we were working!

As a result of my commitment and hard-work fundraising over the last two years I have managed to raise the full cost of the trip! I am so proud of my achievement as my goal from the very start was to not have to pay a penny. Now I don’t have to worry about fundraising and can look forward to my trip! I am hoping to carry out one last rag bag collection before my expedition so that I can put the money I raise towards my kit. As my trip is getting closer and closer, I am getting even more excited to make many amazing memories and be a part of many rare experiences in Borneo.
Thank you so much for the opportunity!


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