As thousands of volunteers head out on their expeditions with us this month, we know many of you will be feeling a whole mixture of emotions and excitement at what adventures await you.

This week we heard from Keri, one of our 2017 volunteers who was just about to start her own trip this time last year. One year on and she’s still buzzing about her time in Ecuador.

This is what she told us about the impact her trip has had.


Dear Camps International,

It has been a year today since I left for my amazing trip Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands for a month. Not a day since have I stopped thinking about the amazing places I was welcomed into and incredible people I met who have blessed me with life long memories.




Being part of this once in a life time trip has truly changed me and my motivation. I have photos printed from the trip next to my bed which constantly make me smile. There hasn’t been a single regret from my trip, nor a single moment I wouldn’t relive. I wish only to return to the place I stayed and be immersed in the true happiness I felt when there.




I honestly cannot express how grateful I am for everything Camps International has done for me. You truly have inspired me. I follow all the social media accounts where I cannot help but smile at all the amazing projects that are still in place in these communities. I met many incredible people in each community I stayed in, who I will always remember, especially the children. I miss them all so very much. The children in each camp I stayed in, especially Esmeraldas I cannot express the joy and laughter they brought to me and my friends on the trip.


Group photo


Ecuador taught me how it is the little things in life that we should treasure, this is something I will never forget. Each photo takes me back to the pure happiness I was part of. I can only hope that other students who take part in similar trips can take as much away from the trip as I did. It is something I would recommend to anyone.


Group photo 2


My friends who didn’t go on the trip ask me if I would every go back if I had the chance, and I reply in a heart beat. My trip to Ecuador made my year. So I just wanted to say thank you again and thank you to everyone who helped make my trip happen.

Keri, Team Cubilan, Camp Ecuador 2017


To all of you about to start your own adventures, we wish you an absolutely incredible time. Make the most of every moment and we can’t wait to hear all your stories when you return.

If you’re yet to join one of our volunteering trips and wondering what all the fuss is about, head over here to check out all our programmes and see where your adventure could take you.