£3300 since October is no mean feet! What a great effort By Charlotte to be so determined to get stuck in! Take a 3 minute break and have a read……
At first, I wasn’t too keen as it was a month away from home but once I found out more details about the trip I knew I wanted to go and help. Now, I’m excited to go and help more people. I’m also excited to get my scuba diving qualification as it will open more doors in the future. I’m nervous to see how other people live but it will change the way I see and take things for granted as we are more fortunate.
Once we had signed up for the expedition we looked around to see what fun/thrillseeking events were happening and we found a zip-wired that was happening in October half term off the Baltic down to the Sage at Gateshead Quayside, at first I was very scared but i felt a bit better when I got kitted up. I felt like saying I couldn’t do it but I thought about all the Kenyans I would be helping by doing it and overall I raised over £700. I wrote letters to local businesses in the village explaining what i would be doing while out in Kenya and for their support I would have their company logo printed onto my fundraising t-shirt. I was very lucky with this and have received sponsorship from 8 local businesses. I’m very grateful for their support as it was big boost towards the next target of fundraising.

In November we set up a quiz night at a local sponsor’s restaurant, we had food and a raffle and the quiz was a success! Then we did christmas sweets, which we sold on Facebook and at my Mum’s work. For easter we had a chocolate egg hamper, where we bought a selection of easter eggs from Thorntons, we sold 200 numbers which were £2 each this was very popular and we sold all the numbers in less than a week. We held another fundraising night where we had food and another quiz but more people brushed up on their Kenya knowledge. i contacted the local supermarket to arrange a backpacker a saturday that i wasn’t competing in a swimming gala so myself and my mum spent 6hours bag packing it was trying at times but worth it when we finished and counted up and we had raised almost £300. After easter we got supplied with 2 signed Newcastle untied balls, we raffled on off at the local football club and sold the other on Facebook. Our most recent fundraiser was a yummy afternoon tea with a raffle we got a lot of the prizes from local cinemas, bowling, restaurants etc this meant in total we have raised £3300 since October.

Next, we are going to have a rest as we have fundraised non stop for 9 months but have the ideas sorted that should help me reach target before christmas but as a small fundraiser in July I have a stall at a summer fair where I will be selling sweet mix ups to the kids from the local nursery where my Mum works.


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