Toby knows that his fundraising is taking some effort but is continuing to work really hard and is already over halfway there! Keep going Toby!
The first time I heard about the trip I thought it would be a good experience to visit another part of the world where people aren’t as privileged as we are. I thought it would be good to be able to help them in a practical way and it would be a rewarding experience. I was also really excited at the thought of trekking up a mountain.

The first fundraising I did was to write to local companies and ask them to sponsor a spot on my Camps t-shirt, in return for some advertising at all my sponsored events. It took ages to write all the letters but I was really lucky and got 2 sponsors straightaway from The Laurel Partnership, a local firm of accountants, and South London bike shop Bon Velo. I then took a stall at the Christmas Fayre at my old primary school, although I was on a school trip that day so my mum and brother ended up running it for me.


Since then I have got a couple more sponsors for my t-shirt, sold numbers on domino cards to win £10 (although most winners have donated their prize back to my fund). I asked for cash instead of Christmas presents and have put all that in my fund too. I have also signed up for easyfundraising and have persuaded a few people to use that for their online shopping. My primary school do a garage sale trail every year in our village so I had a stall then and as well as selling old toys and games I had a 100-square game called “Where’s the Rhino?”. People pay £2 to buy a square from a map of Uganda and the winner will get £50.

I also did a sponsored walk last weekend with my mum and my friend Liz (who is also going to Uganda). We walked 20 miles along a local footpath called the Mid-Suffolk Footpath. It took us all day and was really tiring but really worth it as I have raised nearly £550 so far. Our local paper the Diss Express featured us in an article and some people have sponsored us after seeing it.


I have also had a local charity get in touch after seeing the article who suggested I apply to them for a grant as they help young people with fundraising like this. The paper are going to follow my fundraising journey and afterwards they want to talk to me about the trip. I have also been asked to do an interview on local radio.

I am finding the fundraising really hard work but it is going really well and so far I have raised a total of £2,364 which is well over halfway to my target.

Next I am doing a car boot sale at my high school and also the summer fayre at my primary school. Later in the year I am hoping to do a sponsored 50-mile cycle ride which I am hoping will raise even more than the sponsored walk did. I would also really like to do a sponsored “dip” in the sea at Christmas or New Year! I am still selling squares for the rhino game and am hoping to get a bit more sponsorship on my t-shirt as I still have a bit of space left. My mum’s friend, who is a yoga teacher, is also planning to hold a “Yoga for Uganda” class and will donate all the money from that to my fund.


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