Shahrouz has looked around her for fundraising inspiration and has definately had some great success with his events.  He hasn’t even completed a year of fundraising yet and has already raised over £2000!

When I first heard about the expedition I thought that this was amazing. To be able to help people and to do it over in another country is something I probably will never get to do again. I was excited to be able to meet new people and be pushed out of my comfort zone so I can learn from it, and I am always looking for ways to help people. I asked myself if I could actually do it but with encouragement from my parents I realised that opportunities like this to help people don’t come often. 11

To raise my first amount, I did a quiz night inviting neighbours and some family members. I thought of this idea because my school held a parent’s quiz night and my parents said it was good, so I thought of doing one myself. I looked up what general quizzes were like and found out they are split into groups such as sport, movies. ect… I created a poster and slipped it into the boxes of my neighbours and the night ran very smoothly.

I have also done a family fun day BBQ as the weather has been good. That was fun, and we had a tombola, basketball shootout, a DJ and a cocktail masterclass. I have raised over £2000 as I have also signed up to easyfundraising and that has helped a lot. I am very excited about the expedition as I get closer to leaving and I feel like my fundraising is coming alone nicely. 4
Next I am planning to do a car boot sale as the weather is good and I have heard people say it is an effective way to earn money and I have lots of things I can sell at it.

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