Ellie thought she had a big task of fundraising ahead of her, but she is 8 months in and has raised nearly £4000, only a small amount left to raise and still 12 months to go!

When I first heard about the trip I was very excited and keen to go, but then my friends decided they werent going, so I was very undecided. I spoke to my cousin who had done something very similar in Nepal 5 years ago, and she told me how much I would love the trip, she told me about the reservations I would have and that I would probably have every fear going and cry the whole way to the airport, but once I am there it will be the best ever experience of my life.

I signed up at the end of October, so knew I had 18 months to fundraise. I opened a go fund me page and straight away received £30 in donations. I got some banners made up that I could use at all my events, so that people could come to recognise my events. I then did a stall at the local village craft fayer which raised £80, here I had made bookmarks, decorations, truffles, etc. the first big fundraiser was the christmas hamper raffle, I sold squares for 50p each, but found I was competing with so many other christmas raffles, but continued to ask friends and family to buy squares, the local shop and post office sold some too, and I raised £324. A good start but still along way off the £4000 I need. In January I then decided I had to do a fundraising event every month, some were small and others were larger, but all of them added up.25299596_132520080755978_1999692248759554011_o

I have held many different events, such as coffee morning raising £684, here the local brownies of which I used to be a member of helped me on the day, as they were working towards their hostess bage and their help in the community badge.
I also provided refreshments at 2 cycling events, both raising just over £200 each.
Easter Egg raffle, tropics pamper night and my brother also did a cabaret night where he sang raising £785.
This months event was a bingo raising £489.
The local paper and radio have been great at helping to advertise my events too.
I have now raised £3912, leaving only £168 to go with 12 months before I actually go, with another coffee morning planned for September this is easily achieveable.28061765_145591056115547_2774248865029149242_o[1]

My next event is a coffee morning early September. Also we are doing a staff car wash with the school in September. There are only 4 students going from our school so fundraising as a group has been hard to organise, so the majority of the fundraising I have done independently, with the help of friends and family.
I have really enjoyed organising the different events, as they have been varied. I would say to anybody starting their fundraising, yes £4000 seems alot of money, but just keep working at it bit by bit, plan your events, tell people what you are doing (they may even offer to help) and the total will soon get there.
My next task is to start working through the kit list to sort everything i need to get, oh and sort my vaccinations…

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