Charlie has been working hard to ensure he gets to go to Peru in the summer of 2019.  He has already battled Snowdon in bad weather but his perseverance will pay off!

I felt really excited when I first heard about the trip, as I could fundraise the money, meaning it was a possibility for me to go. When I decided, through help from my family, that I was going to actually do it, the first part was quite daunting, as I realised how much it really was and how much hard work I was going to have to put in. I actually doubted myself quite a bit, wondering if i was ever going to be able to do it to begin with. After a while though, I fully understood the situation and realised that it will be a challenge, but at the end the result will be worth it, and the total goal is very much possible to achieve.

My first amount was raised through a Just Giving page, and a few car boots. The first sum I raised was £210 from these, before any other ideas came to fruition. The idea for car boots came very quickly, as I normally help my Granddad with them for a small share, however he agreed to give me a much larger share towards Peru, which came to 100% after a while. The Just Giving page was initial an easy way for family to donate, and hopefully for strangers to see, and hopefully contribute or spread the word. I faced a few obstacles with this, however, as I initial made a Go Fund Me page before changing to Just Giving for an easier set up, and smaller reduction from my donations.

Since then, I have done many more car boots, advertised my goal and just giving page on a Hope FM interview, created a Christmas Bingo, as well as buying a stall at a small Christmas fayre in my village. I have also done a vast amount of work for friends of the family, that ended up totalling £350 alone. Family and friends have been very supportive, in sharing my Facebook page, and spreading word or my goal, and a reasonable sum of my current total have come from donations. In fact, on Just Giving alone, I have £285, and most people have donated in cash.


However, most noticeably, I did a Sponsored Climb of Snowdon, last weekend. It took a total of 6.5 hours of challenging walking and climbing, up the miners track, and down the Llanberis path. The weather was less than ideal, with winds reaching up to 55 mph up at the summit, and a hail/rain storm near the end of my climb, but we persevered anyway, and i made it. The sponsored climb came to £450 from sponsors, and pushed my current total to just over halfway at £2400.


I plan to do a bigger and better Christmas bingo this year, another sponsored activity – most likely a cycle, more and more odd jobs, and car boots over the summer, as well as a summer event not yet planned. I am also actively looking for a job, as well, to put all my earnings towards Peru. But for now, after climbing Snowdon, and my summer holiday officially starting, I’m going to take a little time to relax, before deciding my next big move in the fundraising adventure!


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