TJ has really put his mind to the task in hand and got stuck in – even by getting himself a job which gives him regular income! Take a read below as he is well on his way to achieving his goal.

I was really interested in the idea of going on the expedition to Ecuador, but I felt initially that the fundraising would be near impossible. After talking to friends who have been on previous expeditions, and after lots of encouragement from my family, I decided to sign up. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I was excited and quite nervous at the same time, and I immediately started thinking of ideas to raise the money for the trip.

Soon after I signed up for the expedition, I turned 16 and got a job at my local pub as a kitchen porter. I know it’s not the way a lot of people raise their money, but by doing just one or two shifts a week, I have earned around   £700 so far. I have put all of this money towards my trip, and I actually quite enjoy the job, which I can carry on doing even after I have reached my target.

As well as working, I have raised over £500 from company sponsorship, mostly from family connections to local businesses.image1-3

Another great way of fundraising has been by selling on eBay. I asked friends of my parents for donations of unwanted clothes and other items, rather than cash, and then I have sold these on eBay. Some items have raised really surprising amounts – like a collection of Liberty scarves which made over £180! In total, eBay sales have raised over £1,000 so far.image1-4

I have also taken some of these items to local car boots sales, and my Mum held a Boutique stall at our Village Fete. I sold ice cream at the Fete, and I had to buy a second hand freezer and all the ice cream, but the weather was good and we sold out, and sold the freezer again afterwards too!

So far my grand total is £2,501.81 in just 8 months.image1-5

In the Autumn, I am planning to host a quiz night at our local coffee shop who are fantastic at supporting local causes. They have also had a collection jar on their counter for me since I started fundraising. Our local Church also has a Parochial Fund which I can apply to for a grant towards the cost of an educational experience such as this.
There will also be ongoing fundraising in school from September as a group, which will add a bit extra to my fund.

I am really excited and optimistic for my future fundraising efforts, and feel sure I will be able to raise the whole amount.

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