I am so excited when brand new fundraising ideas appear as it just goes to show how inventive and creative our students are at raising their expedition funds. Lorna has taken innovation to the extreme and hosted dinner parties with a twist – guess the celebrity chef, and not let the only weekend of rain over the summer dampen her spirits!

I was so excited and determined to go when I heard about this.
I have always said to my mum and dad if I can’t be a professional dancer then I want to work for a charity. I love to help people no matter what their situation is but if it’s for anyone in a worse situation than me and my help rally does help them, then I feel an even sense of achievement.

The first thing I did was wemail local companies big and small offering t-shirt sponsorship, this managed to raise my first cash amount.

I decided to hold a fund raising Easter Egg Hunt at my nannas garden (it’s so much bigger than ours!) I leaflet dropped in my nannas locality to around 200 houses but alas the weather wasn’t great and so only had a few people come along but we still managed to raise another £100107d8d09-b810-4040-9db1-4485321a3fe0

With the leftover Easter eggs my nanna and I began baking cakes and sold them outside her house to the passers by and overall we raised around another £50.

We have held 4 ‘Who’s the Celebrity?’ Dinners these were based around the tv show ‘Who’s doing the dishes’ again nannas garden was used, we charged £20 per head for a 3 course meal and wine and the guests had to guess who was cooking for them from the clues and food names, for example dessert may be flan with a Technicolor sea of fruits for Jason Donovan. These raised £1000 in total a huge amount and were great fun for us to cook and serve and also for the guests!

f63632fc-f4f2-4cb9-8046-539394873ddfWe arranged a big BBQ and Family Fun day which was advertised over the local radio, on websites for other local radio stations and the local newspaper. Public events on Facebook and leaflet dropping to over 800 houses around the town, we have bouncy castles and other outdoor activities all set in place and was expecting a huge turnout…. alas the day dawned pouring with rain – the first rain in 7 weeks!  We had to quickly adapt the day, bbq still went ahead but under a gazebo and all games become indoor inflatable games and not outdoor bouncy castles etc! With the rain there the turnout wasn’t as big as planned but we did have a number of people come in and we managed to raise just under £500 and discovered everyone loves a good tombola!c402d02a-7b25-4093-b88a-1a0a2317f214

This last weekend saw us doing a car boot which we managed to pull in another £170 and my mums really happy as our house is clearing out!

I have also been doing car cleaning and odd jobs for a small donation here and there and people have been giving us donations of cash or raffle prizes so I would like to thank everyone who has contributed their time, money and gifts.

In November we have a craft fayre booked where we are selling table tops for £8 and a donation to the raffle this is coming along nicely. We will have another raffle, tombola and even Father Christmas will be making an appearance. We will have refreshments, freshly baked sausage rolls and cakes on offer and also charge £1 for entry.

I have also managed to land myself a waitressing job at a local Chinese restaurant on Friday and Saturday nights so it all helps.

  We love to hear from you about your fundraising and if you would like to enter, please click on the link below and fill in your details: http://campsinternational.com/fundraising-friday-star/

We are currently giving away a piece of kit as a thank you for sending in your fundraising blog!