Catherine got straight into her fundraising as soon as she joined her school expedition, kick starting with a sale of unused items.  She then completed a 6 hour and 39,421 step sponsored walk to cover 20miles!

As soon as I heard about the expedition in a school assembly I knew I would like to be part of it. It sounds so exciting and yet terrifying in equal measure. But it will be an amazing opportunity that I can’t wait to do.

My first fundraising event was a stall that I did with a friend at a local event, selling random stuff that we no longer had use for. And we raised almost £200 which boosted our confidence a bit.

We have recently completed a 20 mile walk together which was really good and we had a lot of fun doing it. We are yet to get a total of how much we have raised but many people have been very generous. We managed to complete the walk in roughly 6 hours and took around 39,421 steps. It was hard but worth it.

bac2b8ec-81cd-4011-87c2-6c62ab1a5ef6 e28523b0-923a-4c1b-97b4-a2d9b791265aWe are planning a pub quiz and raffle in November and we are also planning to do lots of carboot sales. Our school, and teachers are also being very supportive and we now have meetings to plan bigger fundraising events with all of the people planning on going to Tanzania.


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We are currently giving away a piece of kit as a thank you for sending in your fundraising blog!