Charlie has worked hard since she signed up to her expedition in November, and has nearly reached £4000 since February! Some really successful fundraising events prove that hard work pays off! Well done Charlie!

When I first heard about the expedition, I was really intrigued as to what going to Cambodia was all about. When I first saw the conditions over in Cambodia I felt that I had to go over and help the people in need. I have always been into going out and about helping less fortunate people than me, so the trip was right up my street. I appreciate what I have a lot, and to see what other people in the poorer countries live in really moves me. The thought of having to be that prone to a wide range of danger everyday scares me, so I don’t want them to feel like that. When I was sat in the assembly, when I first saw the Cambodia Trip, I was thinking to myself how do I get involved and how am I going to get there to help? Then at the end all of my questions were answered and I knew exactly what I wanted to do… I wanted to help.

To start off raising money I sold bags of sweets that I made myself. To start off with it was hard to sell them as people weren’t really aware of what I was doing but now I have people coming to me asking for them. I have done a sweet and brownie stall at my old primary school at their summer fair. On that day we raised £300 . I have also been lucky enough to have a lot of sponsorship.

On August 11th and 12th from 10 am to 10 am, I did a sponsored 24 hour roller skate at Midlands Roller Arena. Along side that we did a family fun day of which had on sweets, cakes , brownies, hot dogs &jacket potatoes, bar, raffle, tombola, face painting & glitter face painting, and tattoos. I found the skate really hard but I had friends stay through the night (they set up a little camp in the middle of the rink) to help me get through. I also had my family cheering me on through out the whole 24 hours. I was also lucky enough to be in the Leicester Mercury, of whom came down to the rink before I started. At the end of it all I raised £

So far in total I have raised £3,826 of which I am really proud of.

I am still trying to come to the realization of the expedition but I am super excited for it and can not wait for this once in a life-time trip to come around. I feel that my fundraising journey so far has been a success and I am feeling very confident about the remaining fundraising.

Next I am planning to carry on selling my sweets. I am also going to organise a night at an Indian restaurant as I have been told that that is a good fundraiser to do. I still have to do a few car boots, a Christmas fair (again at my primary school), another raffle and a few more events.

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