Sophie stormed ahead with her fundraising… proving that when you get stuck in, you really can get off to a great start.  On top of that, she is making sure to step outside her comfort zone with her fundraising activities to maximise sponsorship!!

When I first heard about the trip I was so excited, travelling to different country’s is something I have always wanted to do and I was so grateful not only go to Costa Rica but go scuba diving as well!  I was so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to go! I was slightly nervous about having to raise £4000 in less then 2 years but with all of the fundraising events I had planned I felt more at ease.

To raise my first amount I really looked into finding different companies to sponser me. I was amazed after reaching out to different companies that they where willing to help with my trip. In return for the companies sponsoring me I put there logos on my t-shirt which I wear at every fundraiser. Overall from sponsors I recived an incredible amount of £1550! Family and friends have also been such a big help in getting the fundraising going and by donating! I also have a job which I put the money towards the expedition each month!

Recently I have done an 8 hour sponsored cycle at my gym. Many people from my gym came and cycled with me which I was very grateful for. Cycling for 8 hours straight (which the occasional 2 min break) was really very out of my comfort zone as I don’t ride a bike and it’s not something I particularly enjoy but I wanted to do something challenging and something different!

In February I also did a 24 hour cycle with 2 of my friends who are also going on the trip and we raised £150 each! With a raffle and a lucky dip.
I have also been selling gift sets which my mum kindly helped me make. We started selling them at £5 each and it was amazing to see how many people were intrested In them!2cb3e5cb-ce20-4130-988f-9c82fd6e7c72
Next I am planning to do 10 hours worth of dance classes all in one go at a dance convention in London in March. This will require me to train a lot harder in my classes as I will need to have the stamina to be able to commit every class with as much energy I can give! With all of the help I have managed to hit the target of £4000 in less then 8 months which is something I never thought I could achieve,with the help and support which I couldn’t have done it without! I am still going to continue to fundraise to help fund the kit and vacciantions ect!1cc86095-f5be-438d-a252-2f4ab5467f39


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