Ellie got started with fundraising straight away with a simple activity.  The success spurred her woth her fundraising, and she has gone on to do bigger and better events – including a miniature field festival!

When I first heard about the trip I was extremely excited about the opportunity to go to Peru. I loved the idea of being able to help other people and so I began researching the trip immediately. I knew it was going to be hard work when it came to fundraising but I was determined to do as much as I possibly could to raise enough money with the help of my parents.

I began fundraising as quickly as I could, this involved making cakes and car boot sales to begin with. We ended up making over 250 cakes in just a few months, selling them for £5 each or slightly more if someone made a special request.  The vast majority of the things we sold at our car boot came from people in our local area as I put an advertisement up on Facebook explaining what I was doing and giving a brief idea of the things I was looking to sell. I was shocked by how generous people were! I also managed to get started with £1000 as I got two huge donations from two different companies in my area.7

We later started to do occasional bigger events such as a pamper party where we had a selection of beauticians doing things such as gel nails, henna tattoos, massages etc, we served afternoon tea and charged just £8. We made £400 from this alone which was thrilling considering it was our first big event.

We also did a Sunday dinner party where we turned a room in our house into a restaurant and prepared Sunday roast for everyone at £5 a head. We even delivered a few orders and offered different deserts and wine in turn for a small donation. This made about £120.4

The last thing we did was prepare a huge fun day as a local pub had offered their field to us. People would pay £5 a pitch for car boots etc and then they would keep any profit they made. We had ice cream vans, overnight camping (£2 a tent), car boots, henna tattoos, classic cars, live music, a fun ‘mini Olympics’, food was available and we even had some alpacas! I also did a car boot stall and tombola on top of this and made about £300 which finished off most of my fundraising in just six months.1

Next I am hoping to start gathering kit ready for the trip as well as help the others at my school who are fundraising!

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