Ben is planning ahead – once he has found something that works he is arranging it to do it again!! He is only 5 weeks into his fundraising and has already raised £700!!

I felt so excited after listening to the first presentation. I knew I had a a lot of fundraising to do and that’s when I thought maybe this isn’t going to be as simple as I thought. 2020 seems ages away but it’s not that long away at all. I had to ask myself :

1) Am I committed enough to to raise the funds I need while studying for my GCSE’s and doing my Duke of Edinburgh Award?
2) How was I going to get some great fund raising ideas, and would people give their money to the cause?
3) I needed to make sure mum and dad were happy as this was going to effect them, giving their time up to support me.

I couldn’t miss an opportunity like this, so had to set my mind to it.

That very same night after the presentation I decided to plan a school disco. This is still the plan but we are looking to do this in February time, as school already had one planned for November. I have contacted our head teacher and my proposal is going to their next meeting .

I decided to use the Christmas time to have a couple of raffles. Mum helped me put together a Christmas Hamper and a Chocolate Hamper. the Christmas Hamper was 100 squares and the chocolate one was 50 squares. I sold these at my local junior football club where I’m the captain of the under 15’s . We advertised on social media which got the word out there. Both filled up and I made £125. I also volunteered to work in the tuck shop and I get rewarded for this also. We are also selling Hot Chocolate Rudolph’s which has raised £60 so far.image

I have also started a Crowd funding page and raised £190 very quickly. I also have a paper round, so I am putting my money each week into my fundraising pot which has added up nicely. My parents have signed up to Easyfundraising and they are promoting it to their friends and family to join especially at this time of year.

I have been into our local businesses to ask for sponsorship for a promotional t-shirt. Mum suggested that it’s better to go into the businesses as this was more personal and I could explain what it was all about…..I was so so nervous but everyone was really nice and they seemed really interested. There was one shop where I felt uncomfortable as they didn’t seem interested but that was 1 out of 20. I have secured a t-shirt printing company to do the printing and provide a t-shirt and raised £250 so far. Once the TShirt is done I will contact our local paper for them to do a feature.

Next I am planning to fo a Cake Stall and a School Disco in February.  In Easter I will do another hamper.

I will also be washing and cleaning cars and cutting grass when the warmer weather comes.

So far since the intial presentation evening to now (5 weeks)through all my fundraising events/donations I have raised £700.00

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