To round of our biggest and most impactful year to date, we’re very proud to announce the completion of one of our largest scale projects in Borneo. On December 18th, the new Kindergarten in the village of Bongkud was finally finished and handed over to the local community in their opening ceremony.

Bongkud has a relatively large community and suffers from overcrowding, a lack of public resources and relatively high poverty levels. The growing population means that the previous kindergarten was unable to cope with the amount children at pre-school age. Pre-school education is not formally funded by the government, so Camp Borneo therefore agreed to build a new purpose-built facility to provide space for the growing number of children that wish to attend.


The project started in June 2014 and took a total of just over 4 years to complete. Throughout the duration of the project, approximately 13,700 people were involved in building the kindergarten, from mapping the foundations, to painting the interior and exterior walls. It was officially finished in December 2018 and we couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out!

The new kindergarten can support a much larger capacity with plenty of space for children to learn and play, as well as features to stimulate their creativity. The building contains 3 classrooms, a library, a kitchen, an office and a canteen. The outside area has been landscaped to provide a fun space for children to play in and as part of the children’s lessons, they will also look after the flowerbeds to spark their curiosity for the environment.


It will benefit the 60+ students from Bongkud and the students from nearby villages so will have a huge impact to the local community by educating the next generation as well as providing jobs for local people. As well as the kindergarten, the community will also benefit from a new women’s centre that will be converted from the old kindergarten.

The handover ceremony was a great success with over 90 people attending to celebrate the finished building. Some of the key people that attended was Camps International’s Asia Director Rory Hall and the Chief of the Village who both made speeches at the event.  Chief Bindang is incredibly happy with the finished building and says, ‘this can greatly improve the general learning environment for the children in our care.’


We want to thank every single volunteer that was involved in the construction of the Bongkud kindergarten. With your support, we can continue to work on these amazing projects long-term and can truly make a difference to the communities that need it most.

If you would like to be a part of one of our amazing projects, take a look at some of our volunteering opportunities here. You can get involved with projects to help improve local facilities and really make an impact to local people’s lives. Or you can take part in opportunities to help support our eco-system and fragile environments. Whatever you decide to do, your help is always greatly appreciated and knowing that you have contributed to a project that has really benefited local communities is a great feeling.

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