At Camps International we love a challenge and this year, Tim Hunt from our Australian Sales Team stepped up with an epic challenge. Tim and his friend Ben, decided to cycle 2,300km across New Zealand in order to raise money for our Camps Foundation. 

They have succeeded in their amazing journey and we managed to catch up with Tim to find out how they got on.  

Tim 2

Tell us a bit about the challenge you’ve just completed…

We just cycled from the bottom of New Zealand – from a place called Bluff – to Cape Reinga at the very top. The trip was myself, my friend Ben and couple of friend’s sofa’s to crash on as we made our way up! The original plan was to complete the 2,300km in 20 days however we made good time and somehow managed to get it done in 19. This gave us an average of 117km of cycling every day and over 20,000m of climbing total!


What inspired you to take this on?

Having previously lived in New Zealand for a long time and with Ben currently residing in Queenstown it was something that had always been talked about over a few drinks. On a chance weekend visit to Queenstown I caught up with Ben and we realised we had the same holidays available from work, so it was now or never!


How do you prepare yourself physically and mentally for a challenge like this?

There was little over a month between finally locking the challenge in and hitting the road – so not a lot really, particularly with Christmas falling right before we set off. The real training was done on the road as we went, and we noticed the difference as we went. The kilometres definitely got easier! It was more of a challenge mentally but having two people helped a lot as we motivated each other through the tough parts.

Tim 1

What were your high and low moments?

Most of the trip was one big high. New Zealand is a stunning country and seeing it on a bike is highly recommended. The rain we got on the West Coast was certainly a challenge as was our tyre blowing out 100km from the nearest shop. In true kiwi style we had to make do with what we had and used an old credit card to patch up the tyre!


You chose to support the Camps Foundation for your trip – tell us about how you went about fundraising?

Working for Camps International and getting a chance to go out and see the projects earlier in 2018 gave me a really strong connection to the communities we work with. Knowing that the money we are raising goes directly to help the people I have met and the projects I have seen with my own eyes gives us a sense that we are making a real difference.

Tim 3

What advice do you have for anyone planning to take on a challenge that pushes their limits?

Just get out there and do it! You will almost definitely be capable of way more than you even realise. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel fit or prepared enough, the truth is you never will be – but once you hit the road it will all come together.


And lastly, for anyone who’d love to support you, how can we donate?

Any donations are hugely appreciated! You can donate here.

All funds collected by the Camps Foundation will go directly to support our community, wildlife and environmental projects around the world. To see more about the work that the Camps Foundation does, click here.