Lauren has had a great time so far with her fundraising.  She has done so many things within 5 months that she will soon hit her target! We are loving the determination shown – take a read! 

When I first heard about the expedition to Cambodia I automatically said no. The feeling of being away from home scared me aswell as all the different types of bugs out there! I was adamant I wasn’t going to go until I heard that a few people in above years had been on similar trips and said it was the best experience of their life as you got to help people in all sorts of ways. Ever since then I have been super excited and can not wait!

My first big event was in June and it was an 80s disco. The organising for it was fairly easy however there wasn’t much interest. I thought I would just have to face facts and cancel it but I told myself I can’t let anyone  down that had already bought a ticket. The event turned out to be a success and raised me £347.50 which was over one months pay!!b9b56782-6d63-495f-8851-e9a4a196cce6

Recently I have held a summer garden party which had an amazing turn out raising £237.  I have done many things; summer fetes, putting aside some of my money from my job I have, Tshirt sponsors, a quiz night which I did with two of my friends who are also going which raised £946.50 all together and I held a Christmas shopping afternoon which raised £397.


I am planning to do another event with other people going and hoping to bond more before the trip and do some bag packing. I have also started to make Christmas cards. I will also do another shopping event just before Mother’s Day. All together I have nearly raised £3000 in 5 months.

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