Grace has been undertaking loads of different activities to ensure that she raises the entire amount she needs – she is nearly there and only has £1200 left to go!

When I first heard about the expedition I couldn’t believe that I would get the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica! I was so excited, a little nervous and also daunted by the thought of having to fund raise over £4,000!  My mind immediately started to thing of all the possible ways that we could raise money.

To raise my first amount we took part in our first fundraiser literally within 2 weeks of applying for the trip. Myself and two friends organised a 24 hour cycle. We took it in turns to cycle for an hour each time over a period of 24hours.
It was fairly easy to organise as my mum works at a health club and they very kindly let us use their facilities.Unknown-2

Just the other weekend myself and other Taekwondo students took part in a sponsored pattern-a-thon. We performed our Taekwondo patterns continuously for 6 hours! We raised an amazing £430 and it was exhausting!1

Already this year as well as the 24 hour cycle , I have taken part in an 18 hour triathlon where, myself and 6 others took it in turns to swim, cycle and run.
I have organised a netball tournament, a band night, a quiz and chip evening, a race night as well as numerous raffles and cake sales.
The fundraising is hard work, but also a lot of the events are fun.
I now have just £1,200 left to raise.Unknown-1

Next I have lots planned…
In January we have the use of a car park in Gloucester where we can charge customers to park for the day.
I am also currently in training to run a 10 mile sponsored run on February 23rd (I am not a runner!)
In March/April I am planning to round off the fundraising with a mammoth Swim!!
As the quiz and race nights were so popular, we are going to organise those again.
We will also continue with raffle and cake sales.

Thank you Camps International for the opportunity!

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