Sarah has been so productive since she started her fundraising that she has only got £500 left to raise – though by the time you read this she may have already raised it all!

As soon as I got the first email about going to Borneo I was intrigued, and coming away from the assembly I knew it would be the trip of a lifetime and had to go. After a lot of persuasion my parents finally caved and after just over a year of fundrasing I am pleased to say I am less than £500 from my total!!

As soon as the deposit was paid I started emailing companies and visiting local shops for donations. An initial Christmas fete and coffee morning although not very successful taught me the importance of advertising and trying not to do it all alone!.
A significant contribution came from my aunt who commissioned me 5% of a months sales where many customers put orders in early to help this totalled £720!
I got in touch with a local grant organisation who kindly donated £500 and commission from avon orders has also raised nearlly £80!

I got into contact with an events organiser and have held 5 stalls throughout the year with her. From guess the name of the teddy to Easter baskets and Christmas hampers I have raised £550! received_243071513122810What surprised me was the response I got from both customers and other stall holders who were very interested in what I was doing, one customer even came looking for me at each event!20181211_204635

Along with two other people from my college going on the trip we completed a 5km inflatable run this was great fun and I received sponsorship of £158.20181211_204813
Selling on Facebook unwanted items raised £310 and Is such a quick and easy way to make money!
My dad helped by doing house clearances and keeping any items in good condition and selling them on as well as my mum helping find items free or cheap on Facebook.
Once people knew what I was using their unwanted items for they was more than happy to give them for free and even ask their family for more!

As a hobby I enjoy baking so I turned this into a way to raise money- from custom cakes I have made £150 and am planning on making more for Christmas.
I have now raised £3750 and am waiting for some promised sponsorship.
I have been amazed by the amount of support I get from strangers and have met so many people a long the way boosting my confidence!
I can’t wait to go away in July.

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